Nine smile (2009.11.08)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

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Aww! So cute

A write-up for today's concerts! Starting off with the consultation corner. For the afternoon concert, Junjun talked about not being able to make more Japanese friends. Eri's advice to that?

Eri : From what I've lived through until now, I've learned that when it comes to friends, it is quality over quantity.
Fans : Oh!
Eri : Junjun, you have good quality friends like Kamei Eri around you!
Fans : Eh!
Eri : Woah, you guys are smiling ~
Junjun : I think that quality is more important too so I'm glad to have friends like Kamei-san.
Eri : We have something similar in that area then.
Gaki-san : ...She says.

For the evening concert, the topic was about standing in trains. To Eri, standing on trains is like battling with oneself. She has to fight against herself and makes sure she stands stably when the train shakes a little too much. What a way to describe her experiences with trains ^^;

Talking about trains, during the Sayu-Reina MC yesterday, when Sayu was on a train, there were these 2 guys who kept looking at her. At first she thought they recognised her as Michishige Sayumi but later, she overheard them saying "Isn't that Suzannu?" but they later concluded that Sayu was just a normal passenger because they concluded that Suzannu isn't the type to take public trains (Suzannu is very popular and possibly rich)

By the way, this is Suzannu.
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Now for our soon-to-be 20 adult (?) Reina! Just like the concerts in Shizuoka, they sang a birthday song together but this time, it's for Reina. The encores were changed to Reina-calls and the whole hall was filled with blue light sticks. There was a double encore for the evening concert where Reina came out after the second Reina-call. Did you know...Reina actually likes injections? Okay that was random, anyway, during the double encore...

Reina : There is something I want to say. This is probably the last time I'll meet everyone as a 19-year-old Reina. Even though so, please stop with those "Because she's turning 20, I'm going to stop supporting her" thoughts. I'm serious. It's only from 19 to 20. Please don't say things like you only want to support those in their teens. I'm serious! If I can, I don't want to turn 20 but since I can't stop it, I'll accept it.

Lol, Reina worries too much. She hopes that (Turning 20) all this is a dream. Sayu and Gaki-san then insisted for her to accept reality.

Coming to fan services, Sayu hugged Aichan during Aruiteru and kissed Aika during the coupling song medley. Also! During the evening concert, the last MC, Junjun used her usual line of asking the fans to dry themselves before going home (So as to not catch a cold) but this time round, she added in a "It's a promise!" After that, Eri teasingly imitated Junjun and went "It's a promise!" Koharu followed up to it and said "It's a promise!" too. What made it even funnier was when the 2 Gokkies played along and added in "It's a promise!" into their last MCs too xD

ノノ*^ー^)<約束だよ~ (It's a promise~)
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