Konya mo Usachan Peace #157 (091104)

Saturday, November 07, 2009

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For Sayu's 20th birthday, Gaki-san gave her a lounge-wear...but just some time before that, she got herself a similar one. The main thing of Gaki-san's present that moved Sayu was the handmade album. Gaki-san took the time to put in the Gaki-Sayu pictures and even in those pictures without both of them, she'll just cut out Sayu from another picture and paste it on the other. Inside the album, she wrote things like "Thank you for everything" and "Continue to work hard." If we think about it in the normal way, the last page of the album should be something Gaki-Sayu related since it's Gaki-san's present to Sayu, but the last page was a SayuEri picture. Gaki-san wrote below the picture, "Eri thinks for you more than you think she does." Sayu was touched by the handmade album and could feel the love Gaki-san showers her with.