Konya mo Usachan Peace #158 (2009.11.11)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

November 11, 2009! Reina's 20th birthday! In Hello! Project, only Sayumi and Reina are born in 1989, which is also the first year of Heisei era. Sayu can't believe Reina is already 20. She wonders why Reina is 20 years old. She feels as though she is the only one maturing while Reina is still like the little Reina. Not only does Reina look young, she has a young heart. Sayu likes how Reina doesn't hide herself and has that it's-all-about-me personality.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

Nowadays, Sayu is reading mystery stories. She likes the stories written by Yamada Yuusuke. His stories may be scary, but inside the stories there are touching parts and the endings are always very unexpected. The first book of Yamada that Sayu read was "Batsu Game." (Punishment game) According to Sayu, it's the most scary one out of all the books of Yamada she had read. Something that she wouldn't recommend anyone unless the person likes horror stories. Sayu read the comic series "Bokura ga ita" (We were there) when she was in high school. It's some sort of love-related comic and Sayu wants to have such relationship as in the comic book in real life.

Sayu already has 75 characters in her Tomodachi Collection DS game. The game can take up to 100 characters but Sayu doesn't have that many close friends. Thanks to a listener who suggested for Sayu to make characters based on her image of her listeners, Sayu now has an idea of what to do with the remaining 25 slots. Sayu's game is advancing smoothly and now she has a very cute room. She is amazed by how accurate the Tomodachi Collection can be. In this game, they get to set up characters based on looks and personalities. Whatever the character does in the game, for example, Eri's character, coincidentally says things that Eri says often such as "I'm sleepy." She finds it a wonder.

Not long ago, Sayu was on Tosochu, Run for Money. Sayu said that the hunters are fast runners and the other participants too, are surprisingly fast. Even though Sayu was the first few to dash off, everyone overtook her and left her behind with the hunters. Sayu remembers Yossie and Yaguchi getting the prize so she thought she'll be able to get it too, continuing the Hello! Project streak but it was a total failure. After Sayu was caught and went to the cage, she drank lots of oolang tea because of the cold weather. Her hands were trembling and the fact that she doesn't know the other participants such as Abu-chan and Shintaro certainly didn't help. Off topic : Yaguchi, Maichan, Yossie and Charmy were once on the show. Do watch it if you have yet to, especially Yaguchi's (She was extremely lucky in it)

Momoko talked about Sayu on her radio show some time ago. On that week itself, when Momoko saw Sayu, she went up to with her "Misshige-san! Misshige-san!" Sayu asked her if she was feeling better (Momoko just recovered from a flu at that time) and Momoko was all energetic. She told Sayu to listen to her radio show because she had mentioned Sayu on her radio show. Unlike other Berryz Koubou members, Momoko speaks to Sayu in the way Eri speaks to Gaki-san. Sayu doesn't mind though, in fact, she likes the way Momoko interacts with her. Sayu loves Berryz Koubou as a whole too. She has some of the BK members such as Risako in her Tomodachi Collection. Also, just like Aichan, Sayu wants to go to Berryz Koubou's ongoing concert tour but because the dates of Morning Musume's concerts and BK's clashed, she was unable to do so. However, she got the DVDs of their concerts and watched them at home. She found the sea bream costumes interesting.

New corner! 「Muchaburi no Okite」 - A training project for Sayu who has been going on variety shows often in 2009. In this corner, she has to answer/reply to whatever that's requested or asked without preparation.

1. How does a Panda's cry sound like?
Sayu : Nnn ~ (lol) I don't know!
Judgement : Crow's cry (That means it's not good enough)

2. Please make a pun using the word "Ringo" (Apple)
Sayu : Linlin ga ringo tabeteta (Linlin ate the apple)
Judgement : Crow's cry

3. Express your current feeling using a Nori-tsukkomi (A play along with the joke then pointing out the foolishness in it)
Sayu : No no no! I can't do it. It's too sudden. Wait, no! I don't want this corner!!!
Judgement : Crow's cry

Sayu said that this corner reminded her of the punishment games she had back then when they had the Shigaxagon every week.

Coming back to Sayu no Kobeya corner since she had some time left. Recently, Sayu is in love with fishes. Not just eating, but admiring them. She even read up on fishes and asked questions about them. Sayu was surprised when she saw how the insides of the body of fishes were like. Also, she had no idea that there is no black bass in Japan and they are usually imported. She talked about the worries about the increase in black bass's population. Sayu initially thought the staffs wouldn't know about it but they do and Sayu concluded that it's general knowledge. (Wow, I wonder what Eri thinks of Sayu's love for fishes)

Sayu thinks that she won't look good with short hair. She once had short hair when she was in elementary school. Back then she was a little tanned and with that hairstyle, she looked like a lively little girl but she doesn't like how she looked at that time when she browses through her photo albums. Sayu thinks that Koharu may look good with short hair though since she has a small face but Koharu doesn't agree with that.

Berryz Koubou - Jingisukan

This week's sexy word...
Sayu : Teriyaki Chic~ke~n

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

Kusumi Koharu will be on Konusapi as guest on November 25.

Sayu practises her dance at home an hour per day instead of long hours because if she were to practise it over and over again, she'll think too much about the choreography and ends up messing it up instead of mastering it. A rest in between will be the best as it gives one's body some time to process the moves.

Sayu : OyaSayumin