Konya mo Usachan Peace #160 (2009.11.25)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sayu couldn't remember it but both Sayu and Koharu once had a "Usachan Peace!" practice on a show. Koharu had to tell her that they did it was a show and not during their private time. Sayu thought that was rather reasonable since they couldn't possibly be doing something like that in private out of blue unless they were out of their minds.

This is the first time Koharu is on Konya mo Usachan Peace as guest. Fans often tell Koharu about Sayu talking about Koharu on Konusapi. Sayu admitted to it and told Koharu she didn't only talk about the positive things of Koharu, but also, the negative things of her.

Michishige Sayumi and Kusumi Koharu - Rainbow Pink

After Sayu repeated the song title once again, Koharu responded with a "A~i" when a response wasn't needed. That caused Sayu to laugh out loud for some time there. For some reason, Koharu didn't know all this laughing talk was recorded even though the director had already given the cue. Being the usual free-willed her, Koharu interrupted Sayu even though she was trying to move on to the next corner.

Yuujou ~Kokoro no Busu ni Naranee!~ is one of the songs in Nine Smile set list. It is performed by Sayu, Reina, Koharu and Junjun. Koharu initially didn't know that Sayu was the in-charge for this song. FYI, for every song, there's an in-charge. Even though Sayu was appointed as the leader of this song, she didn't have to carry out the role of a leader since the four of them were doing pretty well together. Whenever Tsunku watches their performance, Koharu tends to get corrected the most. Not long ago during the Nine Smile concert in Nakano Sun Plaza, Tsunku was there and Koharu messed up her lines during both the afternoon and evening concerts. Sayu found it amazing how Koharu still doesn't remember her lines even though she is already going to graduate. Koharu denied about not being able to remember her lines. Just that she wasn't in the right state of mind on that day. Sayu told Koharu she must be really unlucky to do well in other concerts except for the ones Tsunku was present.

Koharu remembered doing one of those camp fire dances during a camp. Although Sayu has the image of Koharu getting all hyped up on a camping trip, Koharu doesn't like camping because of the bugs and the risk of having a bear running after her.

Koharu was wearing jeans and a black coat during the recording while Sayu was wearing a one-piece with a little bear design. Koharu didn't know they were already in Winter which also means...Merry Pink Christmas season!

Muchaburi no Okite corner. Its still a fresh corner so in case anyone missed out the first episode of this corner, you can find the details and translation here. Since Koharu was on the show too, it would be a contest between Sayu and Koharu. The loser would have to do a punishment game.

1. Putting yourself in the shoes of Sayumin's mobile phone which she uses to take photos of herself frequently, say one sentence.
Sayu : To become Sayumi-chan's mobile phone, I'm really happy
Judgement : Crow's cry

2. Putting yourself in the shoes of Koharu's mobile phone where Koharu is more engrossed in her television than her mobile phone, say one sentence.
Koharu : Hey, oi, oi, oi. Make me your companion instead, oi. Hey ~ Oh! She touched me, she touched me, oh, oh, oh, oh.
Judgement : Applause
Sayu : That's long! They said one sentence!

Sayu thought Koharu was fast in typing mails using her mobile phone. However, its not that Koharu types fast. Just that Koharu's replies are usually short and she uses the dictionary function of her phone.

3. Putting yourself in the pink role of the heroine of a squadron, say one sentence.
Sayu : GanbariPink!
Judgement : Crow's cry

Koharu complained about not being able to hear what the announcer said properly, making Sayu laugh once again with her straightforward remark.

4. Putting yourself in the role of a female baddie leading a fight, say one sentence.
Koharu : Kekkekkekkekke Pyon!
Judgement : Crow's cry

Both the girls didn't understand what the question was asking about.

5. Please sing Morning Musume's new single "A Mont Blanc first love" which will be released on November 25 (There's no such single. Koharu has to make up her lyrics on the spot)
Koharu : Chestnut, chestnut, mont blanc ~ Yeah ~ Lately, there are purple potatoes too ~ The one that Koharu likes ~ Is fish-paste cake ~ Yeah yeah yo yo yo ~ Check it out ♪
Judgement : Applause
(Insert Sayu's non-stop laughing)

Koharu did a "fake tone" for her "Yeah~" which Sayu commented that its rare to hear that from Koharu since Aichan is usually the one who sings all the "fake tone" lines in Morning Musume.

6. Please sing Morning Musume's new single "I want to eat liver and sashimi" which will be released on December 2. (Again, there's no such single. Sayu has to make up her lyrics on the spot)
Sayu : Beef, beef ♪
Koharu : (Joins in) Liver, liver ♪
Sayu : (lol) Horse
Sayu and Koharu : Horse
Koharu : Cow, this year is the cow year (Zodiac)
Judgement : Crow's cry

Amazed by how fast Koharu could think up of lyrics within seconds, Sayu suggested for her to help Tsunku out after she graduates whenever Tsunku runs out of ideas.

With that, Sayu lost to Koharu and has to drink Takoyaki Ramune. Even though Koharu didn't have to, she tried it too. Both of them agreed that the drink wasn't that bad.

Michishige Sayumi and Kusumi Koharu - Merry Pink Christmas

This week's sexy phrase...
Sayu : Teriyaki Chicken

Koharu wanted to do the sexy phrase next week.

Promotions for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~ and Pucchi Best 10

Sayu : OyaSayumin
Koharu : OyaKusumin