Nanny Gaki-san & Eririn on Geino U-LA-LA

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Worked this out together with Steph (H!O)
Enjoy the GAKIKAME love

Geino U-LA-LA 2009/03/01
Guest : Morning Musume - Niigaki Risa & Kamei Eri
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Host : I heard you two are good friends within the group.
Gaki-san : Yes, we're the same age too.

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What's with that sneaky look on Eri's face.

Niigaki Risa & Kamei Eri's Q&A!
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Q1. What is your recent obsession?
Gaki-san : Disney
Eri : Suika

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Q2. What was the first thing you did when you turned 20?
Gaki-san : I drank alcohol.
Eri : I declared to get myself a credit card.

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Q3. Say something you like about each other.
Gaki-san : She is surprisingly aware of her surroundings and is also a very kindhearted person.
Eri: The fact that she looks after me.

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Q4. Say something you dislike about each other.
Gaki-san : She's slow.
Eri : She gives halfhearted replies.

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Q5. State a situation where you might cry.
Gaki-san : Dramas and novels.
Eri : When a Negitoro came instead of a Negitoro Maki.

Explanations for their answers
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Eri's aho expression
Gaki-san chose Disney but the obsession with Disney has started some time ago. Gaki-san loves it so much that she can visit Disneyland up to 4 times per month. She collects Disney's goods and watches at least a Disney movie everyday. Gakisan mentioned that she likes Stitch. Perhaps cosplaying Stitch would get Gaki-san's attention.

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Eri's "suika" was actually su-ika (Vinegar squid) and not the JR train which the host thought it was. Neither is it watermelon which is also pronounced as suika. Eri earned a smack from the host for that. The day before the recording, Eri drank Rice vinegar. Instead of using vinegar for dishes, Eri drinks them as snacks. Its the first time the host heard of a 20-year-old girl addicted to rice vinegar.
Is Eri training herself to battle with Linlin for the Vinegar queen post?

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The moment it was Gaki-san birthday in 2008, she has a toast with I-don't-know-who because she didn't mention any names.

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Host : Have you made one?
Eri : No I haven't but I always thought that it would be easier to get a credit card once I turn 20. But my parents, members and the staffs around me all disapproved of it saying that having one will only cause me to spend money unwisely.
Host : I think I remember being told something like that too. But when you do make one you'll just have to pay for it later so..
Eri : Yes. So I was thinking maybe I should just make one without telling anyone.
Gaki-san : No you really shouldn't! It'll be too dangerous.
Nanny Gaki-san worrying over Eri-chan again.

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Gaki-san : I think its pretty obvious that she's quite pokepoke and needs people to take care of her but unexpectedly, after turning 20, there are 9 members in Morning Musume now and she'll pay attention to things that are happening. If she's with her juniors, she'll take up the responsibility of a senior. Perhaps its because she turned 20.
Host : You're the youngest child?
Eri : Nope, I'm the eldest daughter.
Host : You're the eldest daughter?! But you're like the youngest child! You have a younger sister?
Eri : Yes, she is more mature.

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Eri : She looks after people, especially me. Perhaps its because we're of the same age and we know what one another is thinking about that is why she'll notice is I'm in a pinch and comes forward to help me immediately as my senior.
Its good to hear that Eri is aware of Gaki-san's special attention towards her, heh.

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How adorable.
Gaki-san : She's slow in doing everything. For me I'm the kind who wants things to be done quickly. And as Kame, even today, even though we were given the details (time) of this show, she only appeared at the very last second. Even the staffs asked me "Excuse me..have Kamei-san reached the studio?"
And apparently, when Eri reached the studio she didn't know where to go and such.

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Gaki-san who looks like she's always listening to what people are talking about, when she answers with a "yes", people would think that she really understood what was going on but according to Eri, its all an act. They gave an example whereby the staffs were giving out instructions. Gaki-san replied with a "yes" and after that, Eri being Eri, ran up to Gaki-san to ask Gaki-san what were the instructions they were given. Gaki-san who in reality, wasn't listening at all, admitted that she wasn't listening and Eri poked fun at her. Eri finds it fun to poke fun at Gaki-san.

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When reading novels and watching dramas, Gaki-san sometimes get too into them and gets touched by the story.

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Eri : I ordered for 3 Negitoro Maki but they served me one Negitoro instead.
Gaki-san : Just eat it then!
Eri : It was actually a delivery that I called for..and at that time it was like "I might cry".
Host : That's so cute! We'll forgive you for that! *Shows the melting expression*
Lol, Eri's "I might cry" stories are just..too cute. Getting upset over small little things like mixing up sugar and salt at the age 20, in a way, its amazing.

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Eri peeping at the host's script.
Promotions for Naichau Kamo, its the same old Mariko story, so lets skip it and move on to the backstage stories! :D

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It wasn't an easy recording for the PV. During the danceshot version, the leader of Morning Musume, Takahashi Ai-chan tore her fishnet stockings. The Aichan that had the cool image in Eri's mind..unexpectedly had a hole in her stockings..
..I bet that shattered the Eri's dreams, lol.
But Aichan wasn't the only one who tore her stockings, according to Gaki-san, most of them changed their stockings a couple of times due to the holes.
Perhaps this explains why they didn't retake the danceshot version despite the mistakes the 3 girls made.

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Platinum 9 DISC promotions
I got Hammy to order it for me :D

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Morning Musume's Concert Tor 2009 Spring ~ Platinum 9 DISCO promotions ~

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Niigaki Risa & Kamei Eri deshita!

This is one of the very rare times a collaboration with Steph actually worked out well.
Cheers, Steph!