[Translation] Morning Musume DVD Magazine Vol.25

Monday, June 08, 2009

Morning Musume DVD Magazine Vol.25 START!
Even though the title says "Morning Musume", only Aichan, Eri, Sayu, Reina and Linlin are taking part in the Haroten Quiz in this DVD. Linlin was the host for the quiz whereby the rest of the 4 girls have to answer questions that are related to Hello! Project. Points are allocated to these questions randomly and not by the difficulty level of the questions. There are questions that are labeled as special point quizes (SBQs) whereby the member who successfully answered the question will get to take points (The number of points is fixed) away from another member. If all 4 members failed to answer a question correctly, the points allocated to the question will all go to Linlin.

Q1. How many km long was Morning Musume's single, Iroppoi Jirettai's handshake event circuit?
Answer : 3000km
Thanks to her instinct, Reina earned herself 10points.

Since Reina got it right, she got to choose the next question.
Reina : Erm, five stage's..
Eri : That's fifth.
Aichan : Fifth.
Reina : Fifthth (?) stage's D
Eri : You know how to pronounce "D" eh?
Lol'd. Now that's an on-screen Eri-bullying-Reina scene.

Q2. Where did Morning Musume film the first episode of Haromoni@?
Linlin's hint : 3 Kanjis.

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(4 girls taking their own sweet time to answer)
Linlin : Take note of the time!
Sayu : (Taps Eri) Quick! Press it!
Eri : WHY ME?! (Taps Aichan)
Aichan : (Presses the button) I got it.
It was really funny when Eri went "WHY ME?!" and pushed the responsibility to Aichan. Despite the hint, Aichan answered with Kameari, which is only 2 Kanjis long. FYI, Haromoni@'s 2nd episode was filmed in Kameari not the 1st episode.

The 4 girls tried to remember what happened during the first episode and Linlin dropped one more hint.
Linlin : Something something chou.
Eri : (Presses the button) Jinbouchou.
Linlin : Pardon?
Eri : (Confidently) Jinbouchou.
Linlin : Are you sure?
Eri : (Softly) Sakurakichou...?
Aichan, Sayu & Reina : Don't changed your answer!
Eri : (Regains confidence) Jinbouchou!!
Linlin : Too bad!
Answer : Kinshichou
Linlin got 10 points since the other 4 girls failed to answer the question correctly.

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Q3. What is the title of the Single that was released on 1998, September 9?
Answer : Daite HOLD ON ME!
With that, Sayu earned 50 points even though I personally think extra points should be given for her sexy pose :P

Q4. What did Linlin write in the survey that asked what was the first Japanese word she remembered?
Answer : Kureepu (Crepe)
Surprisingly, Eri got it immediately. Perhaps its thanks to Morning Days Vol.01? Aichan actually thought its "Bachiri". Anyway, this question is a SBQ so Eri got to take 40 points from another member! Upon hearing that Sayu moved away from Eri. So much that she was actually totally into the screen of the camera focused on Reina, lol. As expected, she took 40 points away from fellow Rokkies who was in the lead with 50 points.

Q5. What is the name of Tanaka Reina-san's role in Ojigi 30do on-stage?
Answer : Kuroda Reina.
50 points for Reina even though its really easy.

Q6. Which Hello Pro Egg member is in High King?
Answer : Maeda Yuuka
20 points for Sayu!

Q7. Who's Furusato PV was it in Morning Musume ~Best Short~ Vol.4?
Answer : Niigaki Risa
Eri got it! Its her nanny ~10 points for Eririn ~

Q8. What was the group name of the other group other than White Diamonds during Hello! Project Sports Festival 2004?
Aichan : Red Dragon.
Reina : Red Horse.
Sayu : Black Devil (Lol'd)
Eri : Blue Pegasus.
Answer : Aqua Stars
The 40 points for this question went to Linlin.

Q9. Who was playing the role of the teacher in Hello Morning's World Top Pucchi Game corner?
Answer : Ishikawa Rika
Easy question but its a 50 points SPQ. Taking advantage of it, Reina took 50 points away from Linlin.

Q10. Where's Junjun's hometown?
Reina : Sesshuu...lol
Eri : You're horrible (Lol'd!)
Sayu : (Presses the button)
Linlin : Go ahead and answer it please.
Sayu : Kounanshuu!
Sayu : Konanshuu!
Linlin : Shuu?
Sayu : Konanshu?
Linlin : Shuu?
Sayu : Konan...shiyu?
Linlin : Shuu?
Aichan : What's with that "Shuu"?
Sayu : Konansho? Konanshuu?
Linlin : Sho or Shuu?
Sayu : Konansho..
Reina : Go for it!
Sayu : (Softly) Konansho
Reina : LOL
Linlin : I can't hear what you said! Did you say shu or sho?
Sayu : (Mumbles) Shu..
Aichan, Eri & Reina : LOL
Sayu : Konansho..
Linlin : You're going with sho?
Sayu : Shuu!
Linlin : Shuu? Are you sure?
Sayu : Yes.
Linlin : Too bad!
Eri : (Immediately presses the button)
Linlin : Yes, Kamei-san.
Eri : Konanshou!
Eri got it ~ Additional question from Linlin to see if the 4 girls know where's Linlin's hometown is.

Q11. Who is 4th member who's introduced in Morning Musume's Single, Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari?
Answer : Michishige Sayumi.
Sayu remembers clearly and in exact order the first 4 members that were introduced in Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari, earning herself 40 points.

Q12. How many members were in Morning Musume when it had the most members?
Answer : 16
A you-must-get-it-right question since it has been asked for more than just once. It was back then when Rokkies had joined Morning Musume and Keichan had yet to graduate from the group. 50 points for Reina!

Q13. What was the unit name of the unit that Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou and C-ute had took part in in 2007's 58th Kouhaku Uta Gassen?
Sayu : LALALA Shiwase Tai
Reina : Hello Pro All Stars
Eri : Special Gattai
Aichan : Hello Project 10 Years Kinentai Dantai

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Okay I'm sorry. But her expression really got me there xD She looked like she's about to sneeze.
Answer : Hello! Project 10 Years Kinen Kouhaku Special Tai
40 points GETS for Linlin.

Ranking for first half of the quiz!
#1. Tanaka Reina (160 Points)
#2. Michishige Sayumi (70 Points)
#3. Kamei Eri (60 Points)
#4. Linlin (40 Points)
#5. Takahashi Ai (0 Point)

Q14. Who was in the center of the Furusato's single cover?
Answer : Abe Natsumi
A SPQ question, Reina took 30 points from Sayu.

Q15. In the Haroten Party picture in the front cover of Newsletter #41, how many people were posing with a peace sign?
Aichan : 10
Reina : 7
Sayu : 20
Eri : 2
Answer : 36
I'd say its impossible to answer this question correctly unless you're really that lucky.
With that, Linlin 30points GETTO!

Q16. There are two Morning Musume singles that were released on the May 12. One of them is Morning Musume's 22nd Single, Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~ and the other one is..?
Answer : Manatsu no Kousen
20 points for Sayu!

Q17. What did Niigaki Risa say she's studying on in the newsletter #40's Hello! Diary?
Answer : Korean.
Aichan's first 20 points, like finally ^^;

Q18. What was the name of the project that Hello! Project had took part in to spread a word to the rest of the nation to stop global warming?
Eri : Hello! Project (Lol'd)
Reina : (Slammed the button and got reminded by Eri that she'll spoil it if she continues doing that) G30
Sayu : Team -6%
As expected from an Eco-moni member, 30 points for Sayu!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
This is the shirt the girls wore as part of this project to spread the message.

Q19. Who was the first member who took up the role of the princess in the first episode of "Save this princess" corner in Hello! Morning?
Eri : Tsuji Nozomi
Aichan : Fujimoto Miki
Sayu : Abe Natsumi
Reina : Nakazawa Yuko
Excusable for these 4 girls to not answer it correctly since they weren't even in the group at that time.
Answer : Yoshizawa Hitomi
20 points for Linlin!

Q20. What is the opening song of Morning Musume Concert Tour 2008 Spring ~All Singles Complete~?
Answer : Resonant Blue ♪ (Help me ~)
Sayu got it, earning herself 10 points.

Q21. What's the colour of the Microfibre Sports Towel sold in Hello! Project 2007 Winter ~Wonderful Hearts Otome Gocoro~ Concert?
Aichan : Orange
Sayu : Black (?!)
Eri : Blue
Reina : Pink
Answer : Green
Linlin 20points GETTO!

Q22. What did Takahashi Ai wrote in Newsletter #15's "New members' introduction" for the person she'll like to meet?
Answer : Keanu Reeves
Aichan herself couldn't remember it too.
SPQ question, Linlin wants to take revenge and get back her points from Reina. She tried to indirectly take points away from Reina by randomly pointing at one of them from her back.

Sayu : That means you're going to take the points from Reina?
Eri : Things may get scary for you later on though.
Linlin 40 Points GETTO!

Q23. During Mitsui Aika's audition, how many % did Tsunku said about the heat consumption?
Answer : 62%
Linlin 50 points GETTO!
Linlin giving support to Aichan, pissing Reina off for being biased and not wishing Rokkies good luck, lol. But of course, Linlin did that because Aichan had the lowest score and not because she's an unfair judge.

Q24. Why did Sachi Usuko and Sachi Usue moved to Haromoni town in Hello Morning theater?
Since Eri pressed the bell a little too early and was unable to answer it, she lost her chance to answer the question. The rest of the members bugged her for the answer but Eri herself, as Sachi Usue had no idea why Sachi Usue and Usuko moved to Haromoni town.
Reina : Their house got destroyed (Lol)
Eri : That makes my character sound really pitiful so stop it.
Sayu : They moved out of their house to find their souls (Lol x2)
Eri : I remember pointing upwards saying "That star.."
Sayu : Yes! Yes! I remember you saying that! She was practising that scene in the dressing room! That's why its stuck in my head!

Coming back to the quiz.
Aichan : Their neighbourhood was too noisy (Lol x1000)
The absolutely normal answer made it absolutely funny.
Answer : It was part of their journey to Shikoku
30 Points for Linlin ~

Q25. When deciding for a name for Morning Musume, there were other choices of names too. In one of the choices, it was OO sister. What's OO?
Reina had answered the question before it was read out fully and unfortunately, her answer was a little incorrect as she had answered with "Takoyaki Musume".
Answer : Takoyaki Sister
Eri got herself 30points with Reina's help.

Final Ranking
#3. Michishige Sayumi (100 Points)
#4. Kamei Eri (90 Points)
#5. Takahashi Ai (20 Points)

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And as for the #1 and #2 rank..
Linlin : And the winner is...
Linlin : Tanaka-san!
Reina : EH?
Linlin : 's left hand side, ME!
Eri : What the hell was that?!
Aichan : That's irritating!
Awesome way of announcing the results, Linlin. She successfully pissed her 4 seniors off.

Round-up talk!
Linlin : Please study more about Hello! Project so that next time you can take part in another test and win a chance to enjoy a high quality Chinese cuisine meal.
Eri : Really?
Reina : That'll be Linlin's treat.
Eri : Okay.
Sayu : Yes, lets agree on that.
Reina : I mean not a treat from the show, but from Linlin.
Sayu : Yes.
Linlin : I can't seem to be able to understand the Japanese sentence you've just said.
Aichan : Ah! She escaped from it!
Nice ending!

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Eri looks so damn cute even when she's pissed off

Ending talk
Linlin is KY.
Linlin checks with Eri again to see if she's awake.
Aichan had fun even though she only managed to answer one question correctly.
Linlin was entertaining.

My personal round up for the DVD!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Seriously, throughout the whole DVD I can't help but to look at Eri's legs. The pink heels are really striking and the fact that Eri keeps fidgetting around distracts me. She looked so sexy when she crossed her legs under the table halfway through the quiz. Didn't manage to catch a glimpse of Sayu and Reina's heels, but Aichan's looking good in her yellow heels too. The girls look gorgeous in their dresses and Linlin looks adorable with that big yellow bow.

At first when Linlin introduced herself as the host for the quiz I was like "Why Linlin? Why not Gaki-san?" since I personally think that Gaki-san will be a much better host. But after the watching the DVD, perhaps it wasn't a bad choice to have Linlin as the host since she made things fun with her cold jokes and reactions. Guess the only bad thing about this DVD is that the other 4 MM members aren't in it!

- The end :D
Good night.