InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #100 (090826)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

100th episode of Tanaka Reina's FIVE STARS Wednesday! When Reina had first started hosting this radio program, she read out her script monotonously and was not able to talk about a topic for long. Because of her short talks, the staffs have to play around 5 full songs per episode so that the show would be at least 30 minutes. Reina listened to one of the earlier episodes of FIVE STARS Wednesday and was shocked by how bad her radio-hosting skills were. She remembers how badly she wanted to quit at first because she was not able to host the show well but knowing that she should not be running away from a problem, Reina decided to change the way she speaks as well as to be frank with the listeners as she hosts the show. It gradually became enjoyable and Reina is glad that she didn't get discouraged and gave up back then.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Continuing with the opening talk, although Reina was speaking in a monotone, the Reina at that time thought that her way of reading the script was already perfected because she had gave her best. Also, she tried to hide her Hakata dialect and host the show in standard Japanese. It wasn't like the Reina people knew at all. Unlike the past Reina, she is now able to share with the listeners stories that may get a "Huh? Is it really okay for her to be talking about that?" reaction.

Not long ago, Reina gave five stars to Gari-gari-kun. She had a catalogue of the products of the company during this episode's recording and she started reading out the names of the ice-pops. One of the ice-pop that she has never tried before is the red wine flavoured ice-pop. It sounded delicious so Reina was thinking of getting one. Once, she bought a mustard flavoured gari-gari-kun ice-pop and gave it to her little brother.
Reina : I'm such a kind big sister aren't I?

B'z - Ichibu to Zenbu ♪
Mano Erina - Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo ♪

Not long ago, Reina had 2 dreams in a row. In the 1st dream, Reina was rubbing her arm against Linlin's in an extremely fast speed resulting in a fire. Immediately after this dream, the setting changed and she had a 2nd dream. She dreamed of herself oversleeping on the day of a "Nanchatte Renai" performance recording. As she was late, when they were called to prepare themselves to perform, Reina had yet to complete putting on her make-up. She reqeusted for more time and was only given 10 minutes. Being the one who overslept, she knew she should not be complaining so she tried to rush through everything. However, many people kept annoying her, stopping her from putting on her make-up. For example, purposely blocking Reina just to make funny faces at her and calling her non-stop. She was already in a hurry so she told them to stop it but they wouldn't listen to her. Eventually, she could not tolerate it any more and screamed with all her might. After her scream, she couldn't breathe and fainted. After 2 strange dreams in a row, Reina thought it was some sort of warning from god. Amazed by how dreams are beyond one's imagination, Reina gave 5 stars to dreams.

Morning Musume - Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai darou? ♪

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 ~Nine smile~

Reina : OtsukaReina ♥


I'm really sorry for making it such a short one despite it being the 100th episode.