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Monday, August 24, 2009


Short self-introduction! Aichan described herself as stubborn and forgetful. She forgets things almost immediately and it always feels like she is the slowest among all the members when remembering the dance choreographies. Aichan's favourite Morning Musume song is "Do it! Now." She fell in love with the song the moment she heard it and ever since then, she has been liking that song. With that...No, not "Do it! Now" PV but...

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Morning Musume - Koi wa Hassou Do the Hustle! ♪
Don't ask me why.

Using a phrase for each member, Aichan is going to highlight a good point of the members.

Niigaki Risa → Big sister
Despite being younger than Aichan by 2 years, Gaki-san is responsible and is someone who Aichan can rely on for support.

Kamei Eri → My pace
Aichan personally thinks that this is the most suitable description to describe Eri.

Michishige Sayumi → Cute
Aichan finds Sayu very cute and Sayu is like a younger sister to her.

Tanaka Reina → Full of motivation
Reina hides that side of herself very well though.

Kusumi Koharu → Miracle
Miracle is a perfect word for Koharu.

Mitsui Aika → Sweet
Aika often makes Aichan's day when she tells her she likes Aichan.

Junjun → Helpful
Junjun is always ready to lend a helping hand. For example, when she sees Aichan searching for something, she will join in the search and find what Aichan wants for her. Aichan later described her as motherly.

Linlin → Funny
Aichan has been going on radio shows with Linlin frequently and Linlin certainly made Aichan laughed non-stop on the shows (→ Damn true)

If Aichan gets a 1-week-holiday, she will like to go to Bali for a holiday. She has once been to Bali for a photo shoot and the tastiness of the food there is still etched in her mind. Also, massages in Bali is way cheaper than in Japan.

A sender who has problems handling his juniors is amazed by how Aichan is able to get people like Eri and Koharu to cooperate with her xD Being the modest her again, Aichan denies herself as a great leader. She thinks that its the members' considerateness and cooperativeness that saves her from the trouble of having to specially get them to listen to her instructions.

If Aichan were an animal, she will choose to be a tiger because her zodiac is tiger.

Not long ago, Aichan had a handshake event in Fukui. Her secondary school friend, a very good friend of Aichan's, got herself a copy of "Nanchatte Renai" and got to shake Aichan's hand. As Aichan shook her friend's hand, she didn't notice her until the girl told her "I'll like you forever!" Shocked, Aichan gave a harsh reply, "Why on earth are you here?!" She really didn't mean it though.

Normally, Aichan will add in soy sauce to thicken the taste of the curry. But recently, she tried adding in maple syrup after someone told her that Canadians add maple syrup into their meat. And the result of the new flavour curry? Something disgusting.

Aichan's dream-height is 165cm. She believes she is still growing ^^;

Aichan is trying her best to get all the members to address her as "Aichan" instead of the formal "Takahashi-san" which she isn't used to being addressed that way. Aika and Aichan made a compromise. As long as Aichan calls Aika "Aika" and not "Mittsi", (Aika doesn't like to be called Mittsi) she will call her "Aichan." Earlier on, before Aichan entered the studio, she bumped into Aika, whose program was the slot before Aichan's. Before Aika left, she told Aichan, "Good luck, Aichan." Meanwhile, Junjun is calling Aichan "Ai-san" and Linlin is calling Aichan "Ai-neesan."

Even if she wins 6 hundred million yen, Aichan will not resign from Morning Musume. She will probably donate it away because she doesn't want to "use her luck."

After improving her English a little more, Aichan will like to go to Los Angeles. It may sound impolite, but Aichan found LA similar to Fukui. She hopes that she will be able to converse in English fluently one day.

Although Aichan has never been to Toujinbou, she recommended for the sender who had asked for Aichan to recommend places in Fukui for him to visit to visit Toujinbou.

When asked to name her favourite 4-word-idiom, Aichan used Yuko's favourite, "弱肉強食" jakunikukyoushoku which means the survival of the fittest. That was just a random answer though. She tried to think up of a 4-word-idiom and ended up mumbling "Kamei Eri?" (亀井絵里 → 4 Kanjis and yes, has became a 4-word-idiom recently :P)

Aichan's black dye came off x.x During the handshake events, she was told by many fans that they prefer her black hair. At the same time, there were some fans who supported brown and some others prefer her short hair.

After being in Tokyo for so long, Aichan has learned to control herself from blabbering in Fukui dialect. There are still times when she speaks in Fukui dialect unintentionally though. And under such situations, the rest of the members will tsukkomi her for it.

If she were to make a solo debut, she will like her first single to be something cool, probably of the R&B genre.

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Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

Aichan really didn't have any confidence is hosting this show well especially when she is a bad speaker but with everyone's power, she hosted her show until the end successfully.

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Aichan : Goodbye ♥