HaroPro Meeting (090823)

Monday, August 24, 2009

As Aichan and Gaki-san were speaking, the 3 Rokkies were whispering and giggling at the back. Perhaps they laughed a little to loudly, Gaki-san heard them and of course, they got scolded. To let them participate in the talk, Gaki-san asked the 3 of them, "What do you do before a live concert?"

Reina : Return to my original character.
The usual Reina does not wink often so before the live concerts, she has to switch back to the "The Idol" mode.

Eri : I'll confirm the dance choreography and the song lyrics once more.
Gaki-san wondered if Eri really does that xD

Sayu : I'll confirm I'm singing with the right key.


It was funny listening to Gaki-san scold the Rokkies for not listening and instead of quietening down, Rokkies laughed even louder. Poor leader and sub-leader :P