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Monday, August 24, 2009


Short self-introduction! "Shabondama" marked not only Sayu's official debut, but also the start of her screaming career. As for Sayu's favourite Morning Musume song, its none other than "Aruiteru" The song is just like the theme song of Sayu's life. After knowing this song, Sayu finally understood the importance of walking (Aruiteru) and the meanings hidden behind it. With that...

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Morning Musume - Aruiteru ♪

For Sayu's show, the fans were asked to send in consultation mails so I'll be skipping those parts where Sayu had simply gave a short solution without much elaboration.

Sayu's solution to fighting against the summer heat is to not lose to yourself ^^;

A male fan who was recently made fun of by a friend for using lots of pictographs in a mail sent in to seek for Sayu's opinion. Just as Sayu was about to comment on how annoying her mom is, replacing words like "home" with a picture of a house in her mails, the fan who sent in the mail who was standing outside the studio raised up his hand xD She held back immediately and said that her mother is at the age where she shouldn't be mailing in such a way to cover up for her earlier talk, lols. As expected of the quick-witted Sayu.

Once, Sayu's sister went for a job interview. When asked about what her (Sayu's sister) friends think of her, she thought it would be better for her to say something good about herself so she lied that her friends described her as energetic, honest, cute and obedient. The interviewer then asked her if anyone told her that recently. For no good reason, her sister didn't continue with her lie and just answered honestly, "No one told me that." Obviously she failed the interview ^^;

A fan who collects Sayu's photobooks and goods sent in, troubled about what reply he should give his mother after she asked him when is he going to stop being a fan of Sayu, buying and collecting her goods. Sayu personally thinks that collecting an idol's goods is totally okay. Not just because the fan who sent in is a fan of Sayu, but she thinks that having a hobby is important.

A fan sent in to inform Sayu that earlier on during Reina's ameba program, Reina labelled Sayu as the "small breast" character of Morning Musume. The fan thinks that Reina is flatter than Sayu so he/she encouraged Sayu to pass the "small breast" character to Reina. Sayu does want to have bigger breast but they don't seem to grow much. She would love to give Reina the "small breast" character to Reina but she believes that it all depends on one's opinion so she doesn't get the final say. Embarrassed by the focus on her breast, Sayu went "This is embarrassing! *Covers her breasts* Don't look at them!"

Sayu is the type who speaks without a second thought for the listener's feelings. She often regrets saying certain things. Under such situation, she will learn from her mistake but still, she will want to say the same thing, just that she will dress it up properly so that it doesn't appear to be harsh and straight-forward. Being one who is careful to not hurt people's feelings is better in her opinion.

The ichiban kawaii of Morning Musume does not look as cute as she claims to be. She often wakes up with a swollen face. Something that she can't show to the fans. In order for her to return to the cute Sayu face, she will massage her face and try her best to look as good as possible. FYI, Sayu has once mentioned that her face swells often on an irregular basis xD

Sayu's advice to a fan whose junior doesn't to his instructions properly, "Give up on the junior."

A sender has been losing his stuff recently. An example would be when he lost his Koharu uchiwa (fan) after a concert.
Sayu : Ah, Koharu-chan's? Since its Koharu-chan's, its okay~
Okay, coming back to the serious mood, Sayu suggested for the sender to remember the pain of losing his belongings so that next time he goes out he will take care of his belongings properly.

A fan requested for Sayu to read out a line in a cute manner that he had prepared so that he make an alarm clock using that as the ring tone. (29:49~29:53)
Sayu : Ne~ You're going to be late~ Quick, big brother! Wake up!
A perfect alarm tone.

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Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪
Sayu : Aiso warai ♪

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~
For Sayu, she prefers the title to be ~Ten smile~. And yes, Y.O.U are the one responsible for the tenth smile. (Sayu is so sweeeeet )

While making the announcement for Eri's show which was held the next day, Sayu commented that she thinks that Eri's show would probably be more disorganised than hers ^^;

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Sayu : Usachan Peace! OyaSayumin! ♥