Summer dinner show (090822) - Takahashi Ai & Niigaki Risa

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Listened to recordings of both the dinner shows that were held yesterday. The girls basically talked about how good the food was and how excited they were about the dinner show so...I'm skipping that! X:

Aichan and Gaki-san had a hotel room each for them to do their make-ups and prepare themselves. Although they were separated, Aichan went knocking on Gaki-san's door specially just to ask her if their meal was delicious ^^; Just imagine a soon-to-be 23-year-old lady doing that. Pretty cute.

The girls only had plain water during the dinner show because they had to sing. Another reason would be that Aichan falls asleep easily after drinking.

The live band on the stage is called "B-band" because all the team members have B blood type. In fact, the only one on the stage that is a non-B blood type is Aichan (She's A)

This is Gaki-san's 1st dinner show. She was nervous and worried about it. Normal people would be rooting for Gaki-san, wishing her best of luck...
Gaki-san : But that Kamei Eri.
Apparently, when Gaki-san was chatting with Eri and Sayu, asking them what should she do if she happens to trip over her dress, Eri replied "(In a carefree manner) Its okay to fall~ Its okay, its okay~" when its totally not okay. Sayu too was there going "Its okay, its okay~ Hahahaha!" As usual, the duo wasn't taking Gaki-san seriously xD Provoked by Eri's comment, Gaki-san made sure she didn't trip because she knows that if she did, Eri will laugh at her.

The day before this dinner show, thanks to her playfulness, Aichan burned her thumb. She was playing with candles.

After listening to the TakaGaki version of "Shougani Yume Oibito", I realised that no one can't pull off Eri's lines as well and as sweet as Eri :P *Runs away from TakaGaki fans*