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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Instead of being nervous, Reina was excited about the 40 minutes solo program. This is her 1st time hosting a live program alone and she has no idea if she was supposed to look at the fans who were outside the studio, her script or the camera.

A short self-introduction from Reina! In Morning Musume's Shabondama PV, the girls were asked to kick the water up on purpose. At that time, Reina hardly got a chance to converse with her seniors and as a little girl, she didn't use honorific. Naturally, she got irritated when scolded. So during the recording of the PV, she had the urge to kick the water straight into a senior and scream "Asshole!" Despite living for years in Tokyo, Reina is still using Hakata dialect when conversing. However, Reina's intonation of certain words are gradually changing so now she is speaking with both Tokyo dialect and Hakata dialect. One of Reina's favourite Morning Musume songs is "Resonant Blue." Reason being that she has many lines in the song (→ She said that herself)

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Morning Musume - Resonant Blue ♪

Normally, Reina will be the one waking up her mother and not her mother waking her up. If Reina happens to oversleep one day, she is sure that both of them will be late. When she wakes people up, she does not scream into people's ear although that maybe the best way to wake one up because she is afraid that it will irritate the person who was sleeping. She will just tap the person softly and ask him/her to wake up.

Known for going to karaokes often, 2 days before this live program, Reina went karaoke-ing again. She spends a long time in the room every time she goes karaoke-ing. Once, she sang so much that the microphone ran out of battery. Still, she was not contented and simply picked up another microphone to continue singing.

During concerts, if Reina notices someone who used to wear her T-shirt wearing another member's T-shirt, it irritates her and she will be like "What's with that person? Why is he changing the T-shirts as he likes?" Most of the fans who are doing this that Reina had noticed are males so she assumed that it can't be help because she has the image of males being playboys. The fans outside the studio responded to it of course, telling Reina that it isn't that case. Another thing that fans do that annoys Reina is when they ask her "Do you know whose fan I am?" during a handshake event. When she answers "Are you my fan?" and if the fan replies yes, she will feel happy. However, if the fan replies no, it annoys her because she don't see the need for them to ask that question if they weren't her fans. But as an idol, she will put on a sweet look as though she's not affected by it although she was annoyed.

The secret to Reina's good skin is that she drinks royal jelly everyday. Also she adds in some sort I-don't-know-what-its-called stuff (→ Sorry, my bad) into her baths so that it moisturises her dry skin.

Reina don't see what is so special about mentaiko but most of the members in Morning Musume are crazy over it. Junjun loves mantaiko so much that she makes sure that not a single bit of mentaiko is wasted. Whenever Reina returns to Fukuoka, she will eat the yakitori sold there because they aren't greasy but yet, they are juicy and delicious.

Even though the girls always say that they don't quarrel, in actual fact, they do. Just that they haven't been arguing recently. Surprisingly, despite being together with the 6th generation for so long, they only had one dispute which took place shortly after they joined Morning Musume. Sayu and Eri's personalities are very different from Reina's back then so naturally, there was a 2:1 thing going on. Not that Sayu and Eri were doing that on purpose, just that their personalities with Reina's are not comparable. Since they can't talk about certain things to other people, they shared their problems among themselves (6th generation) However, there was once, after Reina told Sayu and Eri about a senior, the next day, whatever she said was circulated among the rest of the Morning Musume members. She confronted the 2 girls - The End - She didn't give any other details.

Reina has never thought about what sort of marriage proposal she will want, but she wants something that is simple and sweet.

Although we hear "I want to try drinking alcohol after I turn 20" from people often, Reina has no such plans. She prefers to go with just juice. In fact, Reina's parents don't drink. When Reina was told that she has changed by people who watched her grow up, she was shocked because she has never tried to change herself. She only wants to be who she is.

Junjun has never been to Reina's apartment. Reina's reason for not bringing Junjun home,
Reina : I don't want to let her in, I don't want to invite her, I don't see the need to invite her.
Lol. She didn't mean that, she was just voicing out her thought process. To Reina, homes are a type a privacy. Though so, not long ago, after a meal of yakiniku with Junjun, Reina went to Junjun's apartment. According to Reina, Junjun's apartment was very neat, something that you would expect from a 21-year-old adult.

Recently, Reina is into some sort of sandals that looks like boots. She is the type who wants to wear boots even during summers which can be pretty warm so those sandals-boots shoes are perfect for her.

Reina is well-known for hating rehearsals and the reason behind it is the atmosphere of rehearsals. Its tense and everyone has to remember every single detail. Also, she hates it when they have to repeat a song performance over and over again although she knows it is necessary for those practices. Another thing of rehearsals that she hates is the start of the rehearsals. Normally, for the first few rehearsals, they don't get to hold onto the microphones. All they do is to dance. As one who loves singing, Reina will be dying to get her hands on a microphone and start singing. The solution to Reina's I-hate-this attitude is when she wears nice jerseys that cheers her up. A slip of the tongue, Reina revealed that there will be new songs in the upcoming Morning Musume concert tour.

When Reina was younger, she doesn't get much opportunity to work together with people so she didn't really know how to work in groups. She was a very independent girl who does whatever she wants to so having to cooperate with people was difficult for her when she first entered Morning Musume. To the little-Reina, having to greet people was troublesome. She now knows the importance of greetings though. There are many things that the OGs did that pissed Reina off but she refused to talk about them.

Next mail!
Reina : "Hello Reina-san! Deep down, does the small-sized Reina-san want to become taller, have longer legs, have bigger breasts, a lady with a perfect curvy figure--" Hey! This is rude! Its impolite isn't it?! Its as though saying that I'm completely opposite of that description!
There is nothing in other Morning Musume members that makes Reina envies them for. She just wants to be who she is. Looks like Reina was very affected by the "bigger breasts" part. She was fast enough to push the small-breast-character to Sayu though. Unfortunately, some fans who were outside the studio didn't agree with her and personally thought that Reina is the small-breast-character in Morning Musume.

Reina loves Amuro Namie's "Body Feels Exit". Every time she sings it, she sings it while hoping that she will get a chance to perform the song in front of all her fans.

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Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Promotions for Morning Musume's 40th single, "Nanchatte Renai" and Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 ~Nine smile~

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While making the announcement about the ameba pads, Reina hugged the ameba pads, adding more value to them :P

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Reina : OtsukaReina! ♥