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Sunday, August 23, 2009


As expected, our little turtle was very nervous. 40 minutes of solo talk, who wouldn't? The duration of the talk is 40 minutes because "Nanchatte Renai" is Morning Musume's 40th single. The theme of Eri's show was : "4-word-idioms that goes well with Eri." So in her show, she read out the 4-word-idioms that fans had sent in. Also, Eri had prepared some 4-word-idioms beforehand to share.

Short self-introduction! Eri knows that she is pretty half-hearted/random. There are both advantages and disadvantages of this personality so she concluded that "advantage = disadvantage" (?)

One of Eri's favourite Morning Musume song is Morning Musume's 30th single, "Amibitious! Yashinteki de Ii jan." She remembers how happy at that time for that they had released 30 singles as a group. With that...

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Morning Musume - Amibitious! Yashinteki de Ii jan ♪

The following 4-word-idioms were sent in by fans.
#1 . 外柔内剛 gaijuunaigou - Looking gentle and kind on the outside but is a strong-willed on the inside.
Eri has plans of using this 4-word-idioms when she gets the opportunity to.

#2. 天真爛漫 tenshinranman - Simple and innocent.

#3. 蚤寝晏起 soushinanki - Sleeps early, wakes up late.
Eri : Ah, that's me.

#4. 春風駘蕩 shunpuutaitou - The gentle spring breeze.
Although Eri said this is the first time she is seeing this 4-word-idiom, she had once used this 4-word-idiom in one of the GAKI-KAME episodes.

#5a. 明眸皓歯 meiboukoushi - A beautiful woman.
#5b. 大言壮語 taigensougo - Big talk.

Now for 4-word-idioms that were prepared by Eri beforehand.
#1. 乱筆乱文 ranpitsuranbun - Poor handwriting.

#2. 中途半端 chuutohanpa - half-hearted
She used the idiom to describe her current hairstyle ^^;

For #3 - #9 , Eri had modified the 4-word-idiom in (a) to become the 4-word-idiom in (b).
#3a. 一連托生 ichirentakushou - To be together forever.
#3b. 襟厘托生 eririntakushou - To be together with Eririn forever.

#4a. 初志貫徹 shoshikantetsu - Achieving what one wanted to.
#4b. 阻止soshikamin - Once she gets a break, she will take a nap.

#5a. 有口実行 yuugenjikou - Carry out one's word.
#5b. 母言実行 bougenjikou - To do what one's mother tells one to.
Eri hardly listens to her mom. But she is going to try follow what her mom says from now on.

#6a. 他力本願 tarikihongan - Relying on other's effort to achieve one's desired result.
#6b. 自力本願 jirikihongan - Relying on one's own effort to achieve one's desired result.
Now that she has turned 20, Eri thinks that its time for her to rely on herself.

#7a. 純情可情 junjoukaren - Innocent and lovely.
#7b. 純情亀井 junjoukamei - Innocent Kamei forever.

#8a. 四面楚歌 shimensoka - Surrounded by enemies on all sides.
#8b. 四面呆気 shimenpoke - Pokepoke on all sides.

#9a. 人間疎外 ningensogai - Dehumanisation.
#9b. 絵里疎外 erisogai - Don't neglect Eri.
Eri feels threatened now that there are a lot of cute girls in Hello! Project especially the S/mileage group.

The next 4-word-idiom is a new 4-word-idiom invented by Eri.
#10. 絶妹要肝 zetsuimoyoukan - Eri's sister is an essential to Eri.
The 肝 kan was added in so that it becomes a 4-word-idiom and not a 3-word-idiom ^^;

Coming back to the 4-word-idioms sent in by the fans.
#6. 亀井天才 kameitensai - Kamei is a genius.

#7. 亀井絵里 kameieri - Although she is usually pokepoke, when she is suppose to do something, she does it well.

#8. 亀井絵里 kameieri - Although she is usually pokepoke, she pays attention to those around her, listens to people, does things that she is suppose to and a motivation for one to concentrate.

#9. 亀井絵里 kameieri - Seemingly spaced out and dense, will use Niigaki Risa as support.

#10. 亀井絵里 kameieri - As she is.

Reading all these 4-word-idioms sent in by the kind fans, Eri feels as though she is in her dreams, being showered by compliments. As for Eri's favourite 4-word-idiom out of all of the 4-word-idiom is the first one she read.

"外柔内剛 gaijuunaigou - Looking gentle and kind on the outside but is a strong-willed on the inside."

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Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

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This was our little turtle's first time hosting a show alone. She was very nervous because she knows she is one absent-minded turtle but with the power of all the people watching her, she did her best to host the show. Eri enjoyed herself and has learned many new stuff. She will like to do this again if she gets a chance to.

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~
When Eri first saw the setlist, her reaction was like "Eh? We're going to perform this song?" According to Eri, there are several songs in the setlist that they don't usually perform.

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After Eri signed the Ameba pad, she expla ined that the "#" in the turtle is the "井" in 亀井絵里.

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Eri : Byebye! ♥