Konya mo Usachan Peace #141 (090715)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

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Konya mo Usachan Peace #141 (090715)


7/15 is Koharu's 17th birthday! Sayu is envious how Koharu's birthday lands nicely on the air date of Konusapi just like how it was on the same day as their concert too.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Sayu loves to write, be it a blog entry, a letter or a diary. In fact, she prefers mailing people to making calls to people. She just loves to read. She brought up the Ojigi blog, where she had made a total of 100 posts within one and a half months while Eri only had 7 entries in total. Observing the big gap between the numbers, Sayu concluded that even though she is the closest to Eri in Morning Musume, they are totally opposite of one another. Sayu's advice to the listener was to be happy over the fact that he is able to do something Sayu is not allowed to even if she wants to. Hopefully one day, she'll somehow end up in his blog while blog-hopping. If that ever happens, she will leave a comment for him.

Not long ago, Sayu found Eri ransacking her bag as she was curious about what Sayu had in her bag. Sayu certainly didn't expect that to happen. Even though Sayu can live with a messy room, she can't live with a disorganised bag.

Junjun used to place her apples into her bag without any container or anything but recently, she has been doing it properly, putting it into a plastic bag before placing it in her bag. Junjun often offers a half-eaten apple or should I say, an almost-finished apple to Sayu and of course, Sayu had always rejected her offer. Sayu wonders if she'll ever accept Junjun's apples.

Sayu had swimming lessons when she was in kindergarten. Back then, she could swim for at least 25 metres. However, thanks to her slacking sessions with her friends during the swimming lessons, when she was in grade 4 and had to swim properly, she realised she couldn't even make it to 3 metres. Even though her clique and her were the ones who were the not-so-good swimmers, Sayu was the worst swimmer among them and had to have one-to-one swimming lessons with her coach. By the end of her summer vacation, Sayu improved a little and was able to swim at least 15 metres. She still remembers how much fun she had with the female coach who was a really fun teacher unlike the teachers in school.

During Morning Musume's rehearsals, the girls have a bottle each that has a straw and their names labelled on the bottle. There was once, Eri was drinking from a bottle, chewing on the straw as usual but when she checked the name, it was Aichan's bottle. Sayu thinks its okay for one to chew on their straw all they want like her sister does, but its not okay when you make a careless mistake and chew on someone else's straw. Not that Sayu dislikes it though. Sayu still finds Eri cute but at the same time, she hopes that Eri will be more careful next time.

Even when trying on dresses in a store, Sayu's sister is okay with the curtains of the dressing room left open. She thinks her sister probably got a little too used to walking around naked after doing that so often at home ^^;

Sayu's sister is a really easy-going person who isn't greedy at all. She doesn't have much desires and is willing to just share clothes with Sayu. Also, she doesn't mind using cosmetics that are in poor condition after Sayu had used them.

Sayu can't stand powdered medicine at all. The most she can take is pills. When Sayu was in elementary school, there was once when she was hospitalised and as a young child, she was still unable to swallow pills hence was given powdered medicine. But the powdered medicine tasted so disgusting that Sayu hated it. After much thinking, Sayu's mom came up with the idea mixing the powder with vanilla ice-cream. Ever since then, Sayu never ate vanilla ice-cream as it is again since it reminds of those disgusting medicine. She can handle vanilla ice-cream with chocolate as topping and such though.

Michishige Sayumi - It's you ♪

Now that Sayu had completed her picture map, she's taking a break from such challenges since it took unexpectedly long to complete her picture map. The Konusapi staffs had designed a post card using the map and Sayu's stickers. (The picture above is a picture of the postcard) They will be giving out 10 of the postcards. Just send in a mail saying that you want the postcard and you'll stand a chance of winning it. Sayu has it too, so you'll get a matching item with her ~ (Not too sure if its limited only to Japan residents)

Promotion for Sayu's photobook & DVD, Nanchatte Renai & Hello! Project 2009 Summer Kakumei Gannen ~Hello Chanpuru~

Sayu : OyaSayumin ♥