G-Television Magazine (Vol.15)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

If the Earth will vanish in 40 days...
Kamei Eri : I'll spend all my money!
Niigaki Risa : I'll spend the days like the way I usually do
Linlin : I'll save the Earth!

If you have 40 days off, what do you want to do?
Mitsui Aika : I want to go to Korea and buy cosmetics
Tanaka Reina : I want to try taking up a part-time job
Kusumi Koharu : I'll practise yoga.

Please try to imagine the 40-year-old you!
Junjun : I'm looking forward to see how I look like
Takahashi Ai : I want to continue to be a performer
Michishige Sayumi : I want to look at how my children dance

Skipping the interviews, since they pretty much revolve around the girls' answers to the questions. (I admit I'm just plain lazy when it comes to articles)

Oh yes, by the way, Eri is now aiming to be a composed young lady.
Good luck to our little turtle!