[7/18] Dinner

Saturday, July 18, 2009

No idea why I'm still stuck in the past. Still trying to get P9D goods even after the tour had ended 2 months ago ^^;

Had dinner with Hammy and AlwaysAi last night. Perhaps its because of the language barrier between me and AlwaysAi or maybe she was just shy, our conversations didn't last (I'm a Chinese, but I'm not fluent in the language) Translated the highlights of this week's Ichigo Ichie and Morning Musume's appearance on bayfm to them verbally, but Hammy obviously was too absorbed in her ramen to be listening. Guess it'll be some times till the next time I'll be meeting up with them. Its time to start rescuing my grades.

Just a short notice. Translations may start coming in later and later or even, stopped as I'm having troubles coping with school recently and my national exams come in a few months time. Apologies for that!