Ichigo Ichie (090716)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I had no idea there was already a translator working on Ichigo Ichie until 2 weeks ago when I was told so. But anyway, I'm just going to cover the parts that are related to Eri.
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Ichigo Ichie (090716)
Guest : Michishige Sayumi

On Sayu's 20th birthday, after Morning Musume's photo shoot, suddenly, the lights went off. All of them had no idea what was going on except for Eri, who was trying to convince them that everything will be all right. Sayu started to panic since she had to go for another assignment after that. But as expected, it was a birthday surprise for her, and was planned by Eri herself without consulting any other members. After the "blackout", Eri walked out with a birthday cake which surprised not only Sayu, but also the rest of the members. Sayu is grateful towards Eri for planning such a surprise even though it wasn't really that impact-ful.

In the LA-backstage recording Aichan had recorded, when the members were introducing themselves, Eri introduced herself as Beyonce but of course, was exposed by Aichan. Also, Eri spilled her ramen all over the place and was scolded.

During the rehearsal for the LA concert, Sayu was told that her English wasn't too fluent so she practised hard for it together with Eri. After the practices, Sayu found herself really good at it. However, during the concert, for some reason, she just didn't manage to read her lines out properly.

When they were on the plane heading for LA, Sayu spilled maple syrup on her white shirt by accident while talking to Aika. She only realised she was pouring the syrup onto her shirt after some time. Luckily the one who was sitting next to her was Aika. Aika helped the panicking Sayu to clear up the mess, passing her tissues and such while Eri, who was sitting just a seat away from Sayu (Aika was in between Sayu and Eri) continued chewing on her food, ignoring the commotion. Eri did ask Sayu what happened though, but her attention was directed to her food more than Sayu's shirt. As the syrup left a stain on Sayu's shirt, she pulled up her shorts a little higher to cover up the stain.

During their LA trip, the girls had a hotel room each. Since Sayu had shared a hotel room with Eri for several ocassions, Eri's messy room is a common sight to her. When Sayu was told Eri's room was amazingly untidy in LA, Sayu just thought it should be just that untidy. After Eri called for Sayu, she went to Eri's hotel room only to come face to face with something completely unbelievable. Sayu described it as "If someone didn't know, he/she will think Eri lived there for 10 years." Unlike the usual single beds, the girls had a double bed all to themselves. Still, that wasn't enough for Eri. Her stuff were scattered all over the bed and her trunk was left opened lying on the floor. If one were to compare Eri's hotel room with Sayu's, he/she will find himself/herself looking at 2 totally different rooms. Sayu had also mentioned that when she shares a hotel room with Eri, she'll end up cleaning up for Eri.

No idea if Gaki-san and Eri told Sayu about it or Sayu listened to their radio show or something, one of the things Sayu is trying to change now that she had turned 20 is to stop chewing her nails.

The English sentence for the episode was "What a mess!", a perfect sentence for Sayu to use on Eri.
The "Eri is half-hearted" theory can't be applied when it comes to her best friend's birthday.