Nine Smile (2009.12.05)

Saturday, December 05, 2009

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All Eri needs to do is to flip over her hand and it'll be Eri's "Gazen Tsuyome" pose.

The topic for the consultation corner in the afternoon was about walking in heels. Since its easy to lose balance at times when wearing heels, Eri gave advice to Linlin on what to do after falling.

Eri : (Walks and falls. Staying in the position she fell, she took out her imaginary mobile phone) Because of you, mommie, I fell down!
Fans : Eh ~
Eri : A mobile phone can be a great friend at times.
Gaki-san : You always make your mother the bad person whenever she is not around huh?
Eri : Its okay to blame it on someone if its something minor.

For the evening concert, it was Eri's turn for the solo MC segment. Her mother had an appointment with the dentist in the morning. Despite Eri telling her to that she would wake up on her own then, her mother called her up before she left for her appointment. Seeing that its still early, the sleepy turtle went back to sleep. When she woke up, she panicked because she thought she would be late but she made it to the concert in time.

The topic for the consultation corner in the evening is about karaokes. One often walks into the wrong room after leaving his/her own karaoke room to use the washroom. Eri's advice to avoid embarrassment under such situations is...

Eri : (Opens the wrong karaoke room's door. Realises it and takes out her imaginary mobile phone) Mommie! I told you its the wrong room!
Junjun & Linlin : (lol)
Eri : I'm...funny?
Junjun : That was the best!
Eri : As long as you have your mobile phone with you, you can easily push the blame to your daddy and mommie.

Moving on to the last MC segment, as usual, after Junjun added something to her conclusion, Eri copied her line. Tonight, it was "Good night." However, the first time Eri did it, it sounded a little weird. The audience then chanted for her to do it again which she did with a very sweet "Good night ~"

As of today, Rainbow Pink is also in the concert set list. After the encore, Sayu and Koharu will perform Rainbow Pink and after that, there will be a second encore.