Konya mo Usachan Peace #161 (2009.12.02)

Friday, December 04, 2009

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Although Sayu had reminded Koharu over and over again that if more than one person is present on a show, the senior will introduce herself first before the junior, Koharu went ahead and introduced herself even before Sayu did. Moving on to the opening talk, Koharu likes riding bicycle nowadays. Despite the cold, she rides it so fast to the extent that she describes it as "What was that? A gust of wind?"

Michishige Sayumi and Kusumi Koharu - Rainbow Pink

Both Sayu and Koharu don't ask for much for a birthday present but it'll make them happier if the item is something that they can use. They noticed that they have a lot in common. Blood type, family structure, birthdays being in the same month...in fact, their birthdays are only two days apart. Koharu concluded that ShigePink and KohaPink were destined to have this pink-duo.

The two girls initially planned to go out after the recording for Konusapi. However, Sayu received another job assignment so they had to cancel their outing. Since they are pretty busy recently, their outing has to be delayed. In a way, its amazing that the two of them had never hanged out together despite being together for four years. Not long ago, Koharu went out for a meal with Eri. After that meal with Eri, as Koharu was talking to Sayu, she asked her out for a meal too.

The deepest memory of Koharu's life as part of Morning Musume is when she did the ShigePink KohaPink thing with Sayu. She insisted that she's not saying this because she was on Sayu's radio show.

Morning Musume - Mikan

Koharu noticed that Sayu often says "Ah, its okay, its okay, its okay, its okay, its okay, you can have all of them, you can have all of them, you can have all of them, you can have all of them, you can have all of them," "Ah, its okay, its okay, don't worry, don't worry" and whenever someone apologises to Sayu, she'll say "Its really okay, really." If you have been listening to Konusapi, it shouldn't be something unfamiliar to you. Koharu told Sayu that she talked about Sayu with her big brother the other day. As Sayu is currently play the acid-tongue character on variety shows, naturally, she has a bad and hated image. Both Koharu and her big brother feel that the real Sayu is really a good person unlike the character she's playing on TV even though Sayu once said that the TV-Sayu is the real her on TV. But this fact can only be understood by people who truly knows Sayu. It made Sayu really happy to hear that someone understands what she's doing.

Sayu gets hyped up whenever she wears cute outfits. Wearing them makes her feel good. Koharu on the other hand doesn't wear cute outfits because she thinks that she doesn't look good in them even though Sayu told her that she looks good with them. Sayu even used Kirarin as an example to convince Koharu that she'll look good in them. Taking up Sayu's advice, Koharu said she'll try wearing them at home first.

As they had mentioned earlier on about having a lot of similarities, a listener send in a mail regarding that topic. The listener listed some of their similarities : Cute, black hair, birthdays in July and...of course, the most important characteristic they share...
Both of their faces look horrible when they are sleeping.
FYI, according to some past and present Morning Musume members, Konkon, Sayu and Koharu have terrible sleeping faces. Although Sayu and Koharu are said to be really unpleasant looking when sleeping, their type of unpleasant is different. Sayu's sleeping face is just like one of those not-so-nice face but it can still be aired on TV. As for Koharu's...its something that cannot be aired unless its censored.

Koharu : I've never seen how I look like when I'm sleeping...
Sayu : Er...
Koharu : Oh yah, that's only normal.

Apparently, Koharu sleeps with her eyes opened. If one has never seen how she sleeps, one will mistake her for being awake. As the girls travel in a vehicle, Koharu will totally relax herself and sleep. The sight of Koharu's head facing skywards with her eyes opened frightens Sayu. According to Koharu, she look as though she's dead sometimes and her family often checks whether she's still breathing when she's sleeping, lol. Whenever Koharu's big sister tries to close Koharu's eyes when Koharu is sleeping, it'll wake Koharu up. Because Koharu has been told that she looks really scary when asleep, Koharu bought a sleep mask which she used it once on when on the bullet train with other members to the concert venue. It was pretty comfortable and she decided to continue using it but when they were on the way home and Koharu realised she had already lost it somewhere. Sayu told her she should get herself one more then, lol.

Michishige Sayumi and Kusumi Koharu - Merry Pink Christmas

This week's sexy phrase...
Koharu : Chekkerashe ~
Koharu changed the words a little to add in the sexiness. The original phrase was "Check it out yo"

Promotions for Pucchi Best 10 and Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

Sayu : OyaSayumin
Koharu : OyaKusumin
ShigePink & KohaPink : Bye~bye pink ~