Waratte Iitomo (2009.12.08)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Earlier today when Takao-san was on Waratte Iitomo, he made a call to Rika and Yossie to invite them on the Waratte Iitomo tomorrow, breaking the "Old man guests" chain. Shortly after Yossie introduced herself, Rokkies started shouting in the background. After Tamori-san asked who were the girls in the background, Yossie passed the phone to the 6th generation members to introduce themselves. Right after they introduced themselves, they passed the phone back to Yossie. So it was like,

Eri : I'm Kamei Eri!
Sayu : I'm Michishige Sayumi!
Reina : I'm Tanaka Reina! Changing back ~
Tamori : Okay.
Yossie : That was the three loud ones.
Tamori : Oh, there wasn't that many of them in the background?

Considering how noisy the girls were earlier on in the background, its pretty surprisingly that there were only the three of them. Anyway, here's a report from Natalie regarding the phone call.

Tamori : Are both of you free for tomorrow's Iitomo?
Yossie : Yes please.
Tamori : So will you both come tomorrow?
All 5 of them : Iitomo! (No problem!)

Makes me wonder why Rokkies were even with Rika and Yossie in the first place. How I wish Rika and Yossie will call Rokkies on the show after their turn, sigh.

FYI, the last time a current Morning Musume member was on Waratte Iitomo was in July. Sayu was on the show together with Maichan and four OG members.