Waratte Iitomo (090721)

Friday, July 24, 2009

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Nakai : Oh, you're (Maichin) her senior?
Maichin : Yes, I'm her senior.
Sayu : Yes.
Nakai : (To Sayu) You know this person? (Maichin)
Sayu : Yes, I somewhat know her.
Maichin : ?!
Sayu : Ah no. She is my senior, I know her pretty well.
Nakai : She is a senior you admire?
Sayu : Yes.
Nakai : Tell us something special about her.
Maichin : Ah...
Sayu : Okay. She has a wide forehead.

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When looking at Happy Summer Wedding's cover, Nakai asked about Sayaka. He later moved on to talk about Nono who was next to Sayaka in the cover about Nono being a mother now. Before they returned the board, Nakai pointed at Aibon and asked "How are you?", lols. From the reactions of the OGs, it seems like they didn't expect that too.

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After Yaguchi revealed that the juniors will usually be the first few to reach the studio/location instead of making their seniors wait for them,
Nakai : What do you think of that?
Sayu : I too, will give way to the seniors because they are scary so...
Nakai : "Scary", she says.
Yaguchi : Hey!
Sayu : It seems like they, especially those who have a hot temper will get pissed off by little things.
Nakai : Doing this all this while, who do you think has the worst temper?
Sayu : Of course its Nakazawa Yuko-san.
Yuko : HEY! You're saying that even though I don't really get to work together with you?
Sayu : Even though we don't work together much...
Yuko : Yes, even though so?
Sayu : but that impression of her (having the worst temper) is really strong.
Yuko : ...

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While discussing about how their theme colours were changed to a completely different colour/different shade as there were quite a number of members back then...
Yaguchi : At first, my colour was orange. But after the juniors joined in, my colour naturally changed to light purple.
Everyone : (lol)

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Bananas are forbidden in dressing rooms that Yuko uses. She can't stand the smell, the taste and everything of bananas. She hates it so much to the extent that she can't bring herself to kiss someone who eats bananas, lols. Yaguchi later shared with everyone that during Love Revolution 21 performances, at the part where they will go "Love revolution 21 ♪", if they had had a quarrel earlier on before the performance over small things like for example, there was a banana in their dressing room, they will refuse to make eye contact with one another during the song performance at that particular part even though they are supposed to.