Kindai (August 2009) - Morning Musume

Saturday, July 25, 2009

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- Maple syrup incident
Eri : Yes, the place stank afterwards (lol)
Sayu : I was sitting together with Eri and Mitsui and at that moment when I spilled the syrup, Mitsui lent me a helping hand immediately while Eri sat there complaining about the smell (lol)
Reina : I was sitting in front of Sayu, she was there moving about so much, hitting onto the back of my seat again and again.
Sayu : Ah!! Sorry about that (lol)
Reina : For a while there I thought an accident occurred behind me.
Sayu : Mitsui was sitting in between me and Eri and was of a really great help to both Eri and me.
Aika : Nah, I had fun sitting there too.
Eri : Like when the food came, she'll wake me up saying "Kamei-san, the food is here."
Sayu : When she saw Eri deep in sleep even when the food came, she asked me "Should I wake Kamei-san up?", "Yes, go ahead. Wake her up from her peaceful sleep", I replied (lol)
Reina : Something similar happened to Sayu too. When we were returning to Japan, I was sitting with Sayu and Junjun. Junjun asked me "Should I wake Michishige-san up? She is sleeping." I then replied "Its okay to not wake her up. Since she is sleeping, she doesn't need to eat." After that, Junjun told the cabin attendant "In that case, there's no need to serve her the food." (lol)

- Shopping in LA
Sayu : Eri was surprising. I don't really go shopping together with Eri often and at that time, it has been some time since we last went shopping together and she made me think that "Eri is awesome!" There are items that look similar aren't there? For Eri's case, instead of wondering which to buy, if she finds both of them cute, she will buy both of them. Being together with her influenced me to be like "Maybe I should get it too~" and the shopping bags just keep increasing (lol)
Eri : I bought more stuff than usual. It felt great.
Reina : Eri bought so much stuff that it was like its impossible for one to buy that much.
Eri : In that condition, carrying all the items I bought to Los's airport, I realised I shopped more than anyone else (lol)

That explains why Eri's family and friends discouraged her from getting herself a credit card. With such shopping habit, its dangerous to have one ^^;