bayfm78 ON8 (090716) - Morning Musume

Saturday, July 18, 2009

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bayfm78 ON8 (090716)
Guest : Morning Musume

Birthday surprise for Sayu and Koharu!
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday dear Sayumin & Koharu ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪

Koharu : Huh? But this wasn't even included during the rehearsal!
Gaki-san : Of course it wouldn't be included! It wouldn't be a surprise if there was a rehearsal for it!

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The 2 birthday girls took a long time to notice the heart and star that was on the cake. The moment Koharu noticed it, she just went "Woah, this is awesome!" and got chided by Gaki-san for not going into details when they are on a radio show and the listeners wouldn't know what's happening unless details were given. There were messages written on the chocolates that were on the cake. Apparently Koharu has problems reading katakanas and Sayu read the "th" of "40th" as "t-h" itself and not "40th", lol.

A short talk about Anime Expo~
Aika talked about how happy she was when the Western fans told her they were studying Japanese in order to understand Morning Musume's song lyrics. Meanwhile for Eri, one of the deepest impression left on her for Anime Expo was a person who cosplay'd a rock (?) She found it really funny and still remembers it.

Morning Musume - 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT ♪

A listener who eats only rice whenever he goes to for Yakiniku sent in to the Shouganai corner for Junjun to tell him...
Junjun : "To you, who can't help but to eat lots of rice, say "Ahhh" and I'll feed you some tasty pork ribs~"
Fans : Wooo~
Sayu : I wanted to say that too!
Host : You wanted to? Then a special for Sayu to say it!
Junjun : No way! Its my line!
Sayu : Can I read it out?
Aichan : They said you can.
Junjun : NO!
Host : Ah, sorry, but it seems like she doesn't approve it so..
Fans : Ehhh?
Host : But...look at this tension!
Junjun : Her birthday is over already, so she shouldn't be receiving any special treatment already.
Sayu : But this is the 1st time I'm meeting the fans after my birthday.
Fans : Woah.
Gaki-san : Junjun, you're an adult, so please.
Junjun : All right then, go ahead.
Sayu : "Say "Ahhh"~"
Fans : Wooo~

A listener sent in about not being able to wake up even when he has 3 alarm clocks sent in for Sayu to tell him...
Sayu : "You're one helpless person who can't wake up even with 3 alarm clocks with you. I wonder if I were your alarm clock will you be able to wake up?"
Fans : Wooo~
Sayu : This is embarrassing!
Host : If you were an alarm clock how will your alarm sound like?
Eri : Do it, do it ~
Sayu : (Fierce) WAKE UP!!
Aichan : ?!
Gaki-san : That's unexpectedly scary.

A listener who has a bad sense of direction sent in for Eri to tell him...
Eri : "Man, you're one helpless person aren't you? In that case, if I'm become your navigator, you won't get lost"
Aichan : You were embarrassed just now weren't you!
Host : Eririn, do you have confidence in bringing people around..?
Eri : Nope~
Gaki-san : Expected. In fact, she's the one who needs a navigator.

A listener who is suffering from the summer heat while traveling around due to his job sent in for Aichan to tell him...
Aichan : "You're one helpless person even though you are a guy aren't you? But do do your best without trying too hard all right? Fighto!
Reina : Karin! Karin!
Gaki-san : Sounds familiar eh?
That line is exactly the same as Karin's line in Ojigi de SHAPE UP! Also, Aichan uses this line often on radio shows and TV shows. The most recent one is probably her Fukui show appearance where she had told the guy who is selling the cookies the same thing.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪
(Live performance)
The girls and the host were amazed by how fast the fans had already remembered how to dance along to the song the moment the girls performed it.

Shouganai na~ corner! Started off with Koharu and Aika first as both of them are too young to be staying out late due to the age restrictions in Japan. Aika's "I can't help it" episode was when she broke her "I will not eat after 8PM" promise to herself after she was invited by Aichan and Linlin to go for dinner together with them and their manager.

As for Koharu, she has problems understanding herself, lol. Whenever she does something, she'll feel like doing something else thing instead. For example...
Koharu : As I'm eating vermicelli, I'll feel like eating soba.
Fans : Ehhh?
Koharu : Then I'll stop eating the vermicelli and eat soba.
Reina : Ehhh? Poor mother! (Refering to Koharu's mother)

By the way, the girls were given a survey form to fill in before the show and in the survey form, there's a question asking them which member in Morning Musume can't be changed and most of the members answered "Koharu". Koharu for some reason is pleased about that although the rest of the members told her its not something to be happy about, lol.

While MM was on the plane to LA, Koharu wanted to go to the toilet so she stood up and headed for it. She held onto the sides of the seats as she made her way there however, she grabbed onto Gaki-san's hair halfway without realising. Even until the day of this radio show live broadcast, Koharu had no idea she had grabbed Gaki-san's hair by mistake that day as Gaki-san didn't complain about it.

(Koharu and Aika left the studio)

Aichan admited that her stubbornness can't be changed. Even though she doesn't think that she's stubborn, she has been told by lots of people that she's one stubborn girl. Gaki-san talked about how Aichan does not accept people's explanations when she thinks she's right as she had read them from books. Even if it was an adult who was trying to explain to her that she got her facts wrong, Aichan will insist that she's right. The host later revealed that Aichan is the 1st runner-up for the "Which member in Morning Musume can't be changed?" survey poll that they had brought up about earlier on. Linlin was one of them who answered with "Aichan" and the thing that she thinks Aichan can't change is the fact that she often mispronounce words. And what's so amusing is that Aichan doesn't fluff her lines when she speaks in English and Chinese. She'll only mess them up when she speaks in Japanese. Linlin described this "shortcoming" of Aichan's as "Tsukkomi yasui" (An easy area for her to make fun of Aichan)

Gaki-san can't help but to voice out whatever she thinks. As the host asked whether Gaki-san had ever ended up in a quarrel after being too straightforward, Eri started laughing out loud. Gaki-san then responded "But for Kame I don't usually tell her what I think of her. Because I've already given up hope on her", lols. Here's a perfect example that displays Gaki-san's straightforward-ness and Junjun's stubbornness (Which the members had compared it to Aichan's level of stubbornness) As Gaki-san started to share with the fans and the listeners this happening that took place during one of their rehearsals on the show, Junjun tried to hide herself behind Reina since she was embarrassed by it. When it was pointed out that Junjun is trying to hide, Sayu went "You won't be able to hide yourself since Reina is so small-sized." (?!) Not long ago, during a rehearsal, Junjun told Eri that Eri is suppose to be standing at the 1.5 position but Eri being Eri was just like "Huh? But I wasn't told so!" instead of arguing back when she wasn't even told to be standing at the 1.5 position. Gaki-san who was watching by the side too, don't remember the teacher telling Eri that but Junjun was there insisting that Eri's position is 1.5. They later found out that Eri's position is suppose to be at number 2 and not 1.5. Gaki-san then told Junjun "Junjun, just make sure you're doing what you're suppose to do properly. As for Kame, if she's wrong, the teachers will correct her. And Kame knows what to do, she has been in this line for 6 years."

Junjun ate too much during the LA trip. According to Reina who was sitting next to Junjun for dinner when they were in LA, Junjun ate 6 loaves of bread. Even when the rest of the members were enjoying their dessert, Junjun was still munching on her breads.

Linlin got a little too enthusiastic in the Anime Expo event upon seeing so many anime cosplayers. As she elaborated on how one of the cosplayers looked like, her tension raised again and the rest of the members had to calm her down. She was later interrupted by Sayu who had stepped on Eri's foot by accident and was spamming lots of "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

Eri's "I can't help it" story
Eri : Whenever I start to do something, sleepiness will take over me.
Gaki-san : Even when you aren't doing anything you'll feel sleepy anyway..
Fans : LOL
Host : Are you sleepy now? Can you handle it?
Eri : Ah, now I'm wide awake thanks to Michishige Sayumi.
Sayu : I think it was because she looked sleepy so I just stamped on her feet naturally to wake her up (She was just kidding) But I'm really sorry, it must have been painful right?
Eri : Yeah..
Host : What are the things that you want to do but the moment you start on it you feel sleepy?
Eri : Everything.
Host : ?!
Eri : For example when I'm asked to fill in something and such I'll feel sleepy.
Gaki-san : Earlier on too, when we were in the car heading here, she was sitting next to me. Even though I was talking to her, she fell asleep halfway which made me go like "WOAH, you're asleep already?!"
Host : So she had already showed that side of her even when heading here. And to this Eririn...everyone, ready!
Sayu : WOW!
Eri : Woah!
Aichan : Wow! Thank you!
Eri : Thank you very much!
Gaki-san : You sure are awesome aren't you, Kame. How special.
Host : Lets get the atmosphere back to where it was, with that, everyone, once more, ready!
Fans : Shouganai na! (It can't be help!)

*By right, the fans were not suppose to respond with "Ehhhhhhh" they were suppose to respond with a "Shouganai na" however, it was planned beforehand for Eri to be ehhhhhh'd since she likes to be ehhhhhhhh'd so much, lol.

Sayu spilled Maple syrup on her white shirt on the plane while heading for LA. She didn't notice it at first as she was speaking to Aika and Eri. By the time she realised it, there was already a big stain on her shirt. Aika fussed over Sayu, helping her to clean up the mess while Eri didn't even offer any help and just fell asleep after finishing her meal. Eri didn't feel guilty at all and even commented that the Maple syrup that Sayu had spilled stank.

Reina can be crazy over something this moment and sick of it the next moment. She throws in an example of her, in love with short pants 2 years ago but after that sudden boom she hardly wears them. Another example would be the period of time when Reina found Shirataki noodles so delicious that she had it everyday. But after a week, she didn't find tasty and never ate it again ever since then for around a year.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪
Fans who were present got to watch the PV.

Promotions for Morning Musume's 40th Single, Nanchatte Renai, Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Autumn ~Nine Smile~ & Hello! Project 2009 Summer Kakumei Gannen ~Hello! Chanpuru~


A really entertaining episode of ON8, with Gaki-san's continuous tsukkomis and the girls' "I can't help it" happenings.
Do listen to it if you get the time to! (: