Konya mo Usachan Peace #142 (090722)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

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Konya mo Usachan Peace #142 (090722)
Its July 22, so Happy Usachan Peace Day~

During the plane ride to LA, Sayu had 2 meals on the plane. The 2nd meal was french toast so they had maple syrup to go along with it. Since they were on a plane it was pretty cramped and Sayu was extra careful when pouring out the syrup. However, when she opened the packet/container, the syrup flew out and stained the white T-shirt she was wearing, her blanket and her bag. Luckily for her, Aika was sitting next to her and is the type who will show concern for other members. She ended up changing out of the shirt and into a sweatshirt in the plane (She did change back to the shirt before touching down)

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Sayu had once tried a 500yen chocolate (Per piece, not per pack) which she thought its rather expensive but anyway, the first time she tried it was when it was given to her as a reward. When she went shopping for chocolates before Valentines' day, she found the chocolate and got herself a piece. Unlike the usual ones Sayu eats, its bitter (Probably dark chocolate) She perfers the normal ones she eats to the 500yen chocolate.

Sayu was surprised by how expensive mangos are, costing 3000yen each when she had only estimated for it to be 500yen. Even though Sayu isn't really crazy for mangos, she bought the mango. She later shared the mango with her sister who loves mangos.

A listener sent in to Sayu telling her he likes Sayu's poor choice of words character which made her really happy. Sayu often seeks help from the Konusapi staffs when hosting the show whenever she encounters something that she doesn't know the name of it, or forgot the word to use for it. Having read this mail, instead of just thinking that the listeners feel that Sayu should improve her vocabulary, she knows that there are people who don't mind this habit of hers. That boosted her confidence and she thanked the listener for the encouraging mail.

During their LA trip, Sayu had a hard time fighting the jetlag. She couldn't sleep at night and felt sleepy when its daytime (LA daytime, Japan nighttime) After adapting to LA, when they returned to Japan, the same thing happened to her. She couldn't sleep at night and felt sleepy when its daytime ^^;

The difference between the LA concert and their Japan concerts was that they had to speak in English which caused Sayu to be very nervous. Its was very enjoyable though. What touched her the most was how they communicated with the fans through their songs since they didn't have a translator with them during the concert itself. Also, when she saw fans from other countries attending the event too, as well as the usual Japanese wotas who Sayu could recognise, turned up for the event even though it was held in LA, she was deeply moved by their actions. Sayu looks forward to holding concerts/events in other countries.

Sayu reads Mikitty's blog regularly and envies her whenever she sees her posting up picture of her wedding items and about her Hawaii trip. Since Sayu loves children, she is one who have plans of marrying.

The other time during Ojigi de SHAPE UP! play when Sayu messed up her timing, going onto the stage when it wasn't her turn and ended up having to leave the stage quickly after causing an awkward atmosphere, she panicked at the backstage after that. Since that happened right during the very first setting, when it was time for Sayu to step out and say "Nice to meet you!" she knew it was no longer "Nice to meet you!" cos' she had already met the audience and the 2 cast members on stage earlier on when she had barged in at the wrong timing.

Zoku Biyuuden - ONLY YOU ♪

A new corner~ Sayu will have to read whatever that was given to her in a sexy manner in this corner. This week's phrase...

Sayu : Machu Picchu~

Promotions for Sayu's DVD & Hello! Project 2009 Summer Kakumei Gannen ~Hello! Chanpuru~

Sayu : OyaSayumin ♥