Konya mo Usachan Peace #143 (090729)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

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Konya mo Usachan Peace #143 (090729)


This week's recommendation, "Chanpuru ~Happy Marriage song~" cover album! Unlike the usual cutesy songs Sayu sings, BOWY's "Only You" which she had covered together with Junjun and Risako was originally sang by males and the lyrics are all male expressions. It took them around 2 long hours before they are finally done with the recording of the song. She had also recommended Reina's solo, "Heya to Y shirts to Watashi" which she thinks is very suitable for Reina followed by New Mini Moni's "Tentou Chuu no Sanba". Lastly, Berryz Koubou and Mano Erina's "Kanpaku Sengen". Risako's husky voice in the song attracted Sayu to it.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Sayu will usually go shopping together with her mom since her mom knows her temper the best and cares for her. At the same time, she can rely on her mom for advice if she gets torn between two items. Not that Sayu dislikes socialising, she does hang out with the members, but whenever she gets home and is alone, she feels as though she is free, able to do whatever she wants. It doesn't mean that she restrains herself or tries to be someone who she isn't when she's together with other members, just that she thinks she likes being alone. Sayu wonders if she had grown up or something since she didn't like to be alone in the past. Sayu taught listeners some of her devilish ways of dealing with those shop assistants that pesters you when you're alone. If that ever happens to you, just say things like "I'll come later with my mom", "I'll come back later with my friends" and "Ah, I have got something that is similar to this..." She uses the last phrase frequently to escape from those shop assistants. Before she moved on, she reminded all listeners to NOT say "I don't need it" because it will sound as though that item sucks so just use "Ah, I have got something that is similar to this..." as an excuse.

Little things like after drying her hair and realising that she didn't lose that huge amount of hair can get Sayu's tension up ↑↑ also, when she remembers to bring in every single item she needs in/after a hot bath into the bathroom. She feels satisfied when she didn't leave out anything and can just enjoy her bath while listening to some music in peace.

A listener who attended the LA concert thinks that Japan's concert stages are better as the stages are bigger and the lighting is better but putting that aside, he enjoyed himself and shared some simple fan reports with Sayu. Sayu had some problems reading "Exciting" in English and probably got some help from the Konusapi staffs. Unlike Japan's fans where their cheers are united, America's fans seem to lean more to the free-willed side, throwing in "Fuu~"s whenever they like. Its something new to Morning Musume, so it was fun. Sayu's description of their first signing event, "The first step to the world" ^^; The autograph event was fun too where they got a chance to be so near to the America fans. They also got the chance to hold a long conversation with those Japanese fans that they can recognise which was a rare opportunity as they had never got a chance to talk to them for that long even though they see them at their handshake events in Japan.

Linlin's fashion sense is a little...unique as compared to other members. Her outfits often lead Sayu to asking "Why did you match this top with this bottom?", "Eh? You're putting on a necktie when you're wearing this outfit?" and etc. But recently, she improved and is moving towards the cool image with outfits that look that she's about to perform GAM's "Thanks". Until now, Linlin is still buying jerseys that belong to the small category as though she still thinks she's small. The jerseys are so small that if she stretches a little, her belly button will be exposed. Several members have already advised her to get jerseys of bigger size but its probably Linlin's style to stick to those small-sized jerseys. Also, she puts on high-waist jersey bottoms which gives her wedgies often. Sayu's way of describing the high-waist bottom "Something that Fujimoto-san will probably get pissed off by" (Mikitty can't stand wediges) Again, the members advised her to pull it down a little but she just continues doing that, wearing jerseys that aren't even the high-waist type up high. Sayu assumed that it maybe because Linlin is small-sized so the pair of pants slips off easily that's why she wears it above her waist but still, the look of her with those pants isn't the best thing ever. Nowadays, all the Morning Musume members are trying to convince Linlin to change her style as though they are have some sort of "Improve Linlin's fashion sense Project" thing going on. A perfect example was that on the day itself (Recording of this episode), Aika forced Linlin to pull her pants down a little.

Whenever Sayu and her sister are in the elevator and Sayu goes "I'm cute today too" in front of the mirror, her sister will respond "Nah, I'm cuter", sparking off a battle with Sayu. Also, Sayu uses the mirror to check her outfit while in the elevator. Some time ago, she was taking a photo of herself in the elevator since she was searching for places with the best lighting for her to take the cutest photos ever. When she looked up, she realised there was a camera installed in the elevator and was totally embarrassed.

Sayu weighs herself 2 times per day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Sometimes, she'll gain some weight which makes her go "Eh? I gained so much within a day?!" She will try different ways of weighing herself since she can't bring herself to accept the fact that she gained that much within a day. After giving up tip-toeing and everything and still, unable to bring down the weight, she'll take off all her clothes then to weigh herself again and it seriously worked. It decreased by 0.6kg. Sayu is curious to know about how many kgs one can gain within a day so if you know the answer, do send in to her.

Michishige Sayumi, Kusumi Koharu, Mitsui Aika & Junjun - Sekai wa Futari no Tame ni ♪

Promotions for Hello! Project 2009 Summer ~Hello! Chanpuru~ & Morning Musume's Concert Tour 2009 Autumn ~Nine Smile~

Sayu : OyaSayumin ♥