InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #096 (090729)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #096 (090729)

Although they don't get much spotlight during Hello! Project concerts as there are many of them performing, Reina enjoyed herself during the rehearsals. During the rehearsals, it was the first time Reina watched Berryz Koubou's "Seishun Bus Guide" performance. Its one of her favourite songs in karaokes. In this summer's Hello! Project concert, Reina has a solo performance of "Heya to Y shirts to Watashi". On the first day of the concert, during her performance, the whole concert hall was in total silence which made her heart throbbed. After the first concert, the fans learned to clap along to the song which made Reina really happy but...the fans' claps are a little out of beat and that causes Reina to mess up her rhythm. She is glad that the fans are clapping along to the song, but she will appreciate it if the fans can improve their clapping. And to help the fans...she held a "clapping lesson".

Also, in this summer concert, High King was revived. The self-proclaimed High King's leader, Tanaka Reina has been appointed as the leader of High King by Tsunku so its official! Reina hopes for the group to have more releases together and to make appearances on TV shows, giving her opportunities to say "I'm High King's leader." instead of "I'm High King's self-proclaimed leader."

High King - Cinderella/Complex ♪

Reina doesn't like nattou but she does have the urge to eat it at times. During the summer concert, she gave it a try by mixing them with mayonnaise. She was told it didn't sound appetising by the rest of the members but when she tried it, it was pretty nice, something that she can eat. Not too much though, just a few bites will make her sick of it because of the smell of the nattou. She encourages people who hates the smell of nattou to try mixing them too as the mayonnaise helps a little in killing the smell of the nattou. Taking advantage of the fact that the members will help her finish her leftover nattous, she challenges herself to eat nattous when she is with them.

During Hello! Project concerts, since Reina loves ribbons and they are cute, she uses them for her hair decorations but she noticed that Berryz Koubou's members don't usually put on ribbons. When she asked them about it, she was told that they want to be viewed as adult-like so they use flowers more frequently than ribbons.

Matsuura Aya - Navi ga Kowareta Oujisama ♪
Mano Erina - Sekai wa Summer Party♪

Not long ago, Reina went to Shibuya after not visiting it for some time. She went there in the morning on a weekday with the thought that there will be lesser people around but when she arrived at Shibuya, it was very crowded as there was a sale going on. Since she was already there, all she could do was to avoid the shoppers there and do her own shopping. Coming back to the sale, she was really happy since everything was so damn cheap, for instance, a store that sells their shirts at the price of 8000yen per piece had lowered the price to 5000yen for 2 pieces. At that particular shop, Reina had a short conversation with the shop assistant. After Reina asked her about the sale, she told Reina, "Don't you look at Tanaka Reina-chan?" At that very moment, Reina had no idea what sort of answer she should give so she just admitted that she is Tanaka Reina but now, thinking back, she thinks that she should have replied, "Yes, I often get told I look like her!" After shopping, as usual, Reina went Karaoke-ing. With that, Reina gave five stars to that satisfactory holiday she had.

Tanaka Reina - Heya to Y shirts to Watashi ♪

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