InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #099 (090819)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #099 (090819)

Some time ago, Aichan bought some sweets for all the members. As Reina had some assignments to complete first, she told Aichan to pass her a particular type of sweet which she loves later on when she is free. After she had completed her tasks and returned to the dressing room, Aichan told her to hurry over to grab her sweets before Junjun eats them all. However, when Reina was looking for the sweets, Junjun told her they had already finished the sweets. There was nothing much Reina could do about that so she returned to her seat but when she looked over at Junjun, she saw her holding onto something in her palm. Reina realised that it was the sweet that she had wanted to eat. Its not that Reina is being petty over a few sweets, but because, just recently, Junjun and her are becoming pretty close and Reina is starting to trust Junjun. This incident was a shock to Reina.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Although Reina has not been talking about Yakiniku and chocolate nowadays, it does not mean that they are no longer her favourite foods. They are still #1 when it comes to her favourite foods. On this episode of FIVE STARS Wednesday, Reina had expressed her love for beans but now, she no longer likes it. This is not the only food that was a short-term boom though. There was once a squid boom in Morning Musume but it ended shortly after a week.

Reina likes the "Ah nande nandarou watashi, sunao ni amaerarenai, okaasan ni denwa ga shitai ah" lyrics in "Nanchatte Renai". At first, she didn't like the idea of having a "okaasan ni denwa ga shitai" (I want to call mother) as she didn't understand why its there but during her trip to LA, Reina felt a little homesick and wanted to call her mother, she then understood the lyrics. As for the dance moves, Reina personally thinks she is the best in Morning Musume when it comes to the dance move where they will all hold on to their skirts and kind of like, move their hands forward and backwards.

There isn't any junior that can make Reina feel "Ah, its good to have this junior." Reina, who always does things as she likes, when she is with her seniors like Aichan and Gaki-san, the 2 will follow-up with whatever she says (Like helping her to edit her words so that it don't sound harsh and such) but if she were with her juniors, the juniors will not do so. Since they are of no use to her, they are more like a burden.

As Morning Musume is a pretty big group, whenever they prepare for a certain event, they are split into 2 groups. The group that needs to turn up earlier for their make-up will usually be the juniors. However, for Reina's case, she is sometimes arranged to be in the early group and sometimes in the later group because she is the 5th member down the chart in terms of age and seniority (Morning Musume has 9 members, so she's right in the middle)

Meisa Kuroki - SHOCK ~Unmei~ ♪
Morning Musume - Subete wa Ai no Chikara ♪

Even though Reina is crazy over tongue twisters, she is not able to recite them well. She had prepared some tongue twisters beforehand for her to recite on the show (Recite them 3 times in a row)
1. Tonari no takegaki ni take tatekaketa no wa taketaktekatta kara takekaketa
2. Niwa niwa niwa niwatori ga iru uraniwa niwa niwa niwa niwa niwatori ga iru (The intonation of the "niwa"s are different)
3. @#$%#$#@
4. Toukyou tokkyo kyokakyoku noshomusho tokkyo kyoku nihon ginko kokyokoku
Note : OnDiet's hearing sucks. So please get the correct romanji of the tongue twisters by yourself if you want to try them.

With that, Reina gave five stars to tongue twisters!

(Requested) Morning Musume - Resonant Blue ♪

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Reina : OtsukaReina ♥


It'll be FIVE STARS Wednesday's 100th episode next week!