Keitai no Ana - Takahashi Ai & Tanaka Reina

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Aichan was asked to name the names of all 12 months in English.
Aichan : Ehh?! I rather name the days in a week!
The host insisted for Aichan to name months so here it goes!
Aichan : August, September, October, November, December and as for the 1st month...
Aichan was allowed to ask for assistance from Reina.
Aichan : All right, I'll ask for help...but I bet she doesn't know the name of it...(lol)
Reina : One ~
Aichan : That's incorrect...

Before the clip ended, Aichan was requested to read "I love you forever" in Japanese for all the fans. She looked really cute when she got embarrassed and retreated into the little hole.

Host : Have you ever failed in earning laughs?
Reina : Failure...? ...What? ...Failure? I've never failed (lol)
Reina was then requested to throw in some gags that she thinks will get people laughing for sure.

1st gag : You better eat squids now, quick! (Hayaku ika tabe ni ikanto ikan!)*
2nd gag : The futon was blown away! (Futon ga futton da!)
The gags didn't really work...
Aichan : That was terrible eh?
Reina : Yes.
*Hakata dialect.

Aichan : She's good at impersonations.
Reina : Woah. Takahashi Ai-san?
Aichan : (Innocent) Yes?
Aichan's innocent "Naani?" made it really funny xD Anyway, Reina later made an impersonation of Crayon Shin-chan and was complimented by both Aichan and the host for it.

During the bonus of Reina's clip, Aichan did her well-known Doi Takako impersonation.