Youngtown (090801)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Before the recording of "Sanma no Goten", Sayu and Junjun had individual meetings with whoever-it-was regarding the show. They were not allowed to hear what one another was told.

Aichan : Junjun copies Sayu.
Sayu : That's right.
Sanma : Is it really emulating? Junjun said it was a coincidence.
Aichan : No! Its 100% same.
Sayu : Yes.
Aichan : Even their bags are the same.
Sanma : It maye just be coincidence!
Aichan : No way its a coincidence!
Sayu : Exactly!
Sanma : Junjun said it was a trend--
Aichan : (Cuts in) Its not!

Sayu wasn't the one disagreeing with what Sanma was talking about. In fact, Aichan was rejecting Sanma's explanations even before Sayu did it. Aichan gave an example of Junjun wearing jerseys that are exactly the same as Sayu's when Sayu was the one who first wore it.

Moving on to hairstyles, according to Aichan, because Morning Musume is a big group, they have to try not to have a similar hairstyle. When Aichan and Sayu have first entered Morning Musume, they were told to not style their hair until their seniors have done so so that they would not end up having the same hairdo. The 5th and 6th generation had to go through this tradition before they finally became the senior members of Morning Musume, earning the privilege of styling their hair first. However, Junjun completely ignores it although she is aware of it. Plus the fact that Junjun cries easily, Sayu has no choice but to not argue with her. In the current Morning Musume line-up, cases whereby several members looks good with a certain hairstyle happens often. Even though so, they will not all use that hairstyle. Instead, they will have to look around to check if anyone is having the hairdo that day and if no one is using it, the member will style her hair that way.

Not that the girls are picking on Junjun, but as Junjun and Sayu have similar heights, hair lengths and hair colours, they have to make it a point to style their hair differently so that when the audience will not mistake them for one another. Junjun's manager had told Junjun to avoid having same hairstyles etc. as Sayu. However, Junjun doesn't listen and continues doing so. Because of Junjun's stubbornness, the manager had no choice but to ask senior-Sayu to change her hairstyles instead.

Sanma finally understood the truth and commented that Junjun was doing an extremely good job in making Sayu look like a mean senior on the show. He later added that those who had watched the show and did not listen to this radio show would probably get the "This girl is cute, but she is actually a meanie" impression of Sayu. Sayu agreed to it and tried to laugh it off, but from her voice, it was pretty obvious it stung.

Meanwhile, on "Sanma no Goten", Junjun gave a totally different story, saying that those incidents were purely coincidence and went on about how she thought Sayu was kidding at first when she first commented that Junjun was copying her but such comments gradually increased although Junjun wasn't doing so. Like Sanma had said, Junjun did an awesome job in making Sayu look bad.

I was very annoyed after I watched "Sanma no Goten." Even if it was for the sake of the show, it definitely was not necessary for her to put on the "Omg, I'm so innocent" look on her face and to make up excuses just to defend herself. Sayu is appearing on variety shows more often than Junjun so I personally think that Sayu's image of more value than Junjun's. Did Junjun even know what are the consequences for saying such things on a show like "Sanma no Goten" in the first place? Those who had watched the show would probably have the image of Sayu being a mean senior who picks on her junior now if they didn't listen to this episode of Youngtown. Although Sayu has been showing the dark side of her on the variety shows she has been appearing on, this bad image was something different from that sort of image.

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Sayu was kind enough to not retort back during "Sanma no Goten", allowing Junjun to go overboard. I'm sure I'm not the only onewho thinks that it was pretty obvious that Sayu was not pleased by the little talk Junjun had there during the show from her expression. Still, Junjun didn't seem to be affected by it and just went on showing the I-am-innocent look. While on this episode of Youngtown as they were talking about Junjun, when Sanma said that it sounds like Junjun has a bad attitude, Aichan and Sayu quickly threw in good words for Junjun and held back themselves so as to not wreck Junjun's image. However, I didn't see such restrain from Junjun on "Sanma no Goten." She looked like a desperate idol who is trying to make herself look good.

Recent stories of Junjun not putting in effort, Junjun lying to Reina over a few sweets and such have certainly left an impact on me. "Sanma no Goten" only doubled my dislike for Junjun. Also, her Japanese is becoming from bad to worse (→ I'm not the only one saying this. I've seen quite a number of Japanese talking about it on blogs/forums) making it really difficult for people to understand her. Looks like she isn't heading for the right way like how Linlin is.

Honestly, I hope they stop putting Junjun on shows with Sayu. Its not as though Junjun can rely on Sayu's popularity and character to get her breakthrough in the variety world. Crying does not mean everything. Perhaps she can try using her tears on Tsunku. She may just get a lead in a song somehow.

- Junjun fans' comments will not be entertained. I believe I have the rights to express my view. Junjun fans can go ahead and scream at me and hate me though.