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Saturday, August 29, 2009

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Guest : Kamei Eri, Tanaka Reina and Mitsui Aika

During one of the Hello! Chanpuru concert, Reina had a long earring on which was a hindrance. As they were performing "Nanchatte Renai," after Reina's "Aiso warai," the next dance movement was to put out their right hand. When she did that, she hit the earring unintentionally, causing it to fly backwards and smack Reina in the face. It was very embarrassing because the line before that was hers and hence the camera was focused on her. Reina is pretty sure that many fans saw that.

Eri practised very hard for the rapping parts of "Nanchatte Renai" before the recording. FYI, the girls will sing every line in the song during the recording. The distribution of the lines will only be released after the recording. Although Eri worked so hard for the raps, when she entered the recording room, before she had even started singing, she was told that they would not be recording her raps. She didn't really show it, but Eri was in a shock after hearing that. Despite trying so hard, figuring out how to rap the "Yeah", "Baby" lines well, Eri didn't even get a chance to show her ability.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Reina : The last one was Eri and the one with the weirdest tension was Eri too.
Being the last one to record her "Nanchatte Renai" PV scenes, Eri's slot was scheduled to be at night. Due to the fact that it was at night, Eri behaved strangely and made many impersonations.

Even though Eri will not remember about the headache or stomach ache she had once the pain goes away, Aika will remember it and ask Eri whether she still has those problems. Eri can feel the care and affection Aika gives her.

Not long ago, Eri and Reina went to a bakery together during their lunchtime. Once they arrived at the place, they hopped off the car and headed straight for the bakery. Although Eri really wanted to get there soon, Reina looked like she was more desperate to get to the bakery as soon as possible than Eri from the speed she was walking with. Meanwhile, for Eri, being a little turtle, she was of course, slower than Reina. Naturally, Reina reached the bakery before Eri did. She then turned back and called out to Eri, "Lets go, Eri!" Eri replied "Un!" just like how a drama would be like. From there, Eri felt some of Reina's affection for her.

During a recording of a "Nanchatte Renai" performance for a TV show, Aika was told to move a little more towards the back for a certain dance move. Being instructed to do that out of blue, Aika was not in the right state of mind to understand and to follow the instructions. At that time, the look Eri had on her face frightened Aika. Eri looked like she was annoyed because they could not present a good performance if Aika doesn't get her steps right. Still, Eri patiently taught Aika what she was supposed to do and Aika felt Eri's affection for her.
Reina : Its pretty difficult to decide if this is a good image or a bad one isn't it?
Eri : Please give such image to Reina only.

Eri treats Reina differently from the way she treats the rest. She acts coldly towards Reina and behaves in the sadistic manner. One example is when Reina gets all excited over talking about something and Eri will be a wet blanket going, "Eh? What the heck are you talking about?" Reina is trying hard to accept the fact that this special treatment for Reina is an evidence of Eri's affection for Reina.

Morning Musume - Subete wa Ai no Chikara ♪

Knowing that the interval was going to end soon, Eri quickly gulped down a mouthful of water. She made a really loud gulping sound and that tickled the host and the other 2 girls xD It isn't the first time Eri is doing this on a radio show. She did that a couple of times on Gaki-kame radio shows.

Earlier this year, Aichan, Eri, Sayu and Reina were involved in a play called "Ojigi de SHAPE UP!" Once, Reina opened up the refrigerator in the dressing room and found some éclairs. She decided to eat them later so she closed the door, or rather, she thought she closed the door fully. Apparently, she didn't shut it completely and she didn't realise it. Before she left the room, a voice called out, "Tanaka-san, the refrigerator's door is left opened." Frightened by Eri's way of speaking, Reina hurried over to shut the door because she thought Eri was angry.
Eri : Hey, why do you have to talk about such a thing as "Kataomoi no Owari ni" is played in the background?
Aika : Its such an innocent song.
Eri : Exactly. The talk doesn't match with the song at all!

Last year, during Eri's 20th birthday, she received mails from all the members at 12AM with the exception of Reina. Later on when it was 12:23AM, she finally received a birthday message from Reina and Reina explained that she sent it to her at 12:23AM because Eri's birthday is December 23rd. Eri was overjoyed that Reina had specially planned it for her. However, Reina later revealed on Platinum 9 DISCO that Reina had fell asleep while waiting for 11:59PM for her to send the mail and had only woke up around 12:20AM during her solo MC. After her MC, Reina asked Eri if she had listened to her MC. As Eri was changing her costume, she didn't listen to it. Reina then told her to listen to it because it was hilarious. Dying of curiosity, Eri asked Reina to just tell her about it and Reina did as told. After listening to it, Eri was completely shocked.

Host : Eririn, do you have any episode? (With regards to Morning Musume's "Aki Urara")
Eri : I was not able to read the song title "Aki Urara" (秋麗) at first. I could only read "Aki" (秋)
Reina and Aika : Ehhhhhhhhhhhh?!

Morning Musume - Aki Urara ♪

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