Konya mo Usachan Peace #147 (090826)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sayu went to the hair salon recently after realising her hair was turning brown. She hates visiting the hair salon because she had several reluctant conversations with the hairdressers whenever she went there. As one who hates going there, the last time she went there was nearly 4 months ago. This recent visit made Sayu hate hair salons even more. Before undergoing the hair treatments, she had her hair washed by the hairdresser. The hair salon that she went to does not put on a towel to protect their customers' eyes from the shampoo so Sayu decided to close her eyes to prevent the shampoo from going into her eyes. As the hairdresser was washing her hair, Sayu heard "Are you going to work after this?" so she answered yes. But...the question was actually directed to another customer who was getting his/her hair washed. Before the visit, Sayu had made mental preparations for what to answer if the hairdressers ask her something so when she heard that question, she gave a full-of-energy "Yes!" Her hairdresser didn't know how to respond to her too. Alone and embarrassed, Sayu couldn't wait to share with all the listeners about this to lighten her embarrassment. Although it was her fault for being answering to a wrong question, this experience increased her hatred for hair salons.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

In the same Pocket Diary which Momoko had revealed that Aichan slaps her butt often, she mentioned that earlier that day after she had greeted Sayu, Sayu gave her a hug suddenly and patted her on the head. Listener asked Sayu if she drank a little too much in her dressing room xD Sayu denied being drunk and explained that she did that because she was charmed by Momo's cutesy "Good morning." If Sayu puts it in a nice way, Momo is a cute and friendly girl but if she puts it in the mean way, Momo is just plain noisy. She speaks so much that she often calls Sayu "Misshige-san" instead of "Michishige-san" due to the speed she is talking with. Sayu allowed Momo to address her as "Sayumin" but she got a "No, Misshige-san!" as a reply. She dislikes the "Misshige-san" name so she tried to get Momo call her "Sayumin." Momo agreed but the next moment, she was going "Misshige-san!" again. Once, Momo consulted Sayu about something personal and that surprised Sayu. She asked Sayu if she was told by any member that it looks painful for her to be all cutesy and how long Sayu will want to stay with this character. The way she phrased her question and the tone of it was very serious. It made Sayu happy for that Momo had actually spoke to her about her problems and Sayu gave her some advices in return.

Idoling!!!'s Kikuchi Ami wrote in her blog that her favourite Hello! Project members are Tsuji Nozomi (Ex-H!P), Michishige Sayumi and Tanaka Reina. She added that she has once bumped into Sayu in town and shook hands with her. Sayu can't remember shaking hands with Ami, but she was told by a friend that Ami said that she saw Sayu in town. She knows who is Kikuchi Ami though because she watches Idoling!!!'s DVDs. She finds all of them cute and enjoyed herself while watching Idoling!!!'s "Lemon Drop" PV making-of DVD.

Sayu got very excited when she got to know that Ogura Yuko would be on the same episode of "Quiz! Do Re Mi Fa Don!" as her. Yukorin belongs to the type that Sayu loves. In fact, Sayu collects Yukorin's DVDs and PBs. Sayu often picks up something new from the DVDs, taking Yukorin as a role model. It touched Sayu deeply when she finally got to meet Yukorin in person. At that time, Yukorin was wearing short shorts so Sayu couldn't help but admire her slim legs. After Sayu introduced herself to Yukorin, she was already satisfied enough for that at least, Yukorin knows aboutSayu's existence now. Sayu now understands how it feels like to meet your idols in person rather than to just be watching them on TV.

As Sayu had mentioned, her sister can't seem to pass her driving tests. Not long ago when Sayu stayed at her sister's house for a night, she asked her sister about how she was progressing with her driving tests and her sister told her that she received a mail from their dad telling her that its okay to give up trying to get a driving licence. All she needs to do is to work hard for her current job. Sayu then asked her what she thought of it and her sister replied "I want to get my license so I want to quit my job." Apparently her sister misunderstood her dad's mail and thought that if she works hard for her job she doesn't have to get herself a license and hence if she gets herself a license, she will not have to work so hard.

Her sister is doing a good job in keeping her new home neat and tidy. However, the light at the entranceway is no longer working and according to her sister, it had stopped working for some time. So how does she clean the entranceway without any light? When her neighbour switches on his/her entranceway light, Sayu's sister will rush to sweep her entranceway because her neighbour's light will somewhat shine into her house, lighting it up a little. Sayu advised her sister to change the light bulb as soon as possible.

Sayu does not receive a birthday mail from her sister every year. Only this year, after Sayu's sister has moved out, she finally remembered about Sayu's birthday and sent her a flying mail.

Sayu thinks that her sister is destined to be scolded xD There was once when Sayu and her sister went to a monjayaki store for a meal, her sister went to the wash room. When she came out without turning off the lights, the annoyed shop assistant had to tell her to switch off the lights. Sayu too would not turn off the lights but luckily for her, her sister went to the toilet first so that served as a warning.

Morning Musume - Subete wa Ai no Chikara ♪

By a request of a listener, Sayu repeated the English sentence she used during the self-introduction for the concert in LA. Honestly, Sayu had forgotten what she said and the staffs had to go onto the internet to check for her.

Sayu : It's like a dream to do a concert in America!

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~
Sayu made a small mistake by saying "All 8 of us" instead of "All 9 of us." She realised it and quickly corrected herself.

Sayu : OyaSayumin!