Nanchatte Renai - Handshake events (Part 1)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

2 fan stories (2 different handshake events)

Fan A : Do you feel like getting a short hairstyle?
Eri : If I get the chance too, yes.
Fan A : I love your short hairstyle so please do so!
Eri : Thank you very much!

1st round
Fan B : Do you have any plans of converting me into your fan? (lol)
Aichan : Eh? Hm...
Fan B : No? Then I shall not become one (lol)
Aichan : Sorry (lol)

2nd round
Fan B : I'll like to give Eri some clothes. Do you have any brand to recommend me?
Aichan : I think she will be happy with whatever you give!
Fan B : Ah...I was hoping for an answer from you~
Aichan : Ah, sorry.
Fan B : See ya!

3rd round
Fan B : Do you know what is my name?
Aichan : Sorry, I don't.
Fan B : I see.
Aichan : Ah, Eri's, you're Eri's fan...
Fan B : Aha.