Nanchatte Renai - Handshake events (Part 2)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another fan story!

1st round
Eri : OO-chan! (Fan A's friend told Eri to call Fan A by her name)
Fan A : You remember my name *Started crying*
Eri : Are you okay!? Don't cry, don't cry (laughs) Are you okay? (laughs) Don't cry (laughs)
Fan A : *Continues crying*

FYI, Fan A is only 14 years old. Also, she was one of the lucky fans who received a signed "20 (Hatachi)" photobook after making her purchase from wani.
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2nd round
Fan A : I love you! Thank you always!
Eri : Thank you!
Fan A : *continues crying*
Eri : Are you okay? Please don't cry. See you next time all right!!!
Fan A : Un.

Fan A's friend gave her 2 tickets so she went for 2 more rounds.

3rd round
Fan A : Please remember I'm OO!
Eri : Un!
Fan A : *continues crying*
Eri : Ah, don't cry, don't cry. Are you okay? Come to our concerts okay!
Fan A : I will definitely attend them!

4th round
Fan A : Its my last round so I'm not going to cry!
Eri : Oo! (laughs)
Fan A : I'm a secondary 3 student preparing for exams but I'll try my best to attend the concerts!
Eri : Un! Lets work hard together!

Its really nice to read how kind Eri was to a 14-year-old fan, behaving just like an older sister. And about the name-addressing part, during the past Nanchatte Renai handshake events, some fans have been teasing one another by asking the fan's favourite to address the fan by his/her real name. Sounds pretty fun just from reading their blogs *Envies*

Also, I know translated something about the fan asking Aichan if she has any intention of converting him into a Aichan-fan in my previous post. I honestly had no idea people would take it seriously so I didn't explain much. Please don't take it seriously, I'm pretty sure that the fan was just teasing her. He added an after comment in his post that says "It seems like she wasn't trying to convert people into her fan (lol)". In fact, at the start of his post, he mentioned that he had night shift the day before and was lacking of sleep, but still, he dragged himself there. No point torturing yourself just to insult an idol.

Perhaps its just me, but when I read it, I was just like "lol" and it didn't seem to affect me. Its not a matter of whether I am a Aichan-fan or not. But when you're on 2ch or reading fanblogs, you should be prepared to read any harsh comments/talks about your idols and just ignore it if you can't stand them because if you don' will probably die from anger.

Don't say I'm ignoring it because its about Aichan and not Eri. Here's a translated image of a 2ch thread when someone posted the translation of Kamemoe's fan report on the forum. The fans there are doing the same thing. Ignorance is bliss.
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I translated Kamemoe's report not because I found it rude, but because it was interesting to see how members reacted to him when he asked about Eri (→ Please remember this is a Kamei Eri fanblog :P) Not long ago, when he was at another handshake event, he tried to get Sayu to tell him when Eri's next handshake event will be at but Sayu refused to tell him ^^;

My point is, please get used to such comments/stories and don't judge the Eri wota.