Konya mo Usachan Peace #146 (090819)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Konya mo Usachan Peace #146 (090819)

Sayu's sister has found herself a job and moved to an apartment that is nearer to her working place. As they are no longer living together, Sayu has not been seeing her sister recently. Not long ago, she received a mail from her sister saying that she has got herself a cat. A photo of the cat was attached to the mail. After looking at the photo, Sayu was really tempted to meet the cat so she made a special trip to meet it. The cat was surprisingly friendly. Sayu has the image that cats tend to have the tsundere personality. Although Sayu's sister had named the cat Kyasarin, its actually a male cat. Her sister has wanted a cat very badly ever since she has moved out because it was lonely living alone. However, Sayu's mom didn't allow her sister to as she thinks that she has yet to get used to living alone. For now, Sayu is going to keep this as a secret for 3 months as promised. If you're wondering why has it got to be 3 months, its because Sayu's sister has a plan. After raising Kyasarin for 3 months, she is going to tell her mom that she wants to get a cat again. If her mom refuses, she will just challenge her mom that she will be able to take care of it for 3 months and once her mom says "It'll be awesome if you can hold on for 3 months," she will tell her the truth. Sayu was charmed by Kyasarin's cute-ness but for some reason, after that visit, her eye was very itchy and her hands became rough. She wonders if she has a cat-allergy.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Sayu and other MM members were present during the recording of the Kizuna Shokudo SP that had featured the OGs. She had no idea there were such behind-the-scenes tension and feelings between the OGs back then. The thing that left her with the deepest impression was...how cold the studio was. Although it was summer, the studio was freezing cold. The OGs' managers were kind enough to lend the girls their coats.

Sayu was very nervous during the recording of "London Hearts". At the same time, she was very happy to be invited onto the show as she loves the show. It was recorded at night and she got so nervous that her stomach hurt. She was totally lost, not knowing what she was suppose to say and what was expected of her. During the show itself, there were some moments where she regretted saying certain things because the other guests were famous actresses and variety idols. She kept reminding herself that its okay, since she had decided to head for this way, she should not regret it. She tried her best to participate in the talk. After the recording, Sayu was brought to the dressing rooms of the other guests to meet them formally which was pretty scary. When she met Kokushou Sayuri, she apologised for the things she had said earlier on during the recording and got "Its all right" with a smile in return. Looking at the smile, it frightened Sayu even more because she thought it was more than just a simple smile. Other MM members who had watched the show had gave her feedback like "It was funny!" which makes Sayu feel a little relieve.

Sayu is aware that there is a purikura machine that will suggest the customers to make a "Usachan Peace!" pose during one of the shots.

Sayu thought she was talkative enough but during the Hello! Chanpuru rehearsals, she was amazed by how much Momoko talks. As Momoko spoke, the rest of the Berryz Koubou members ignored her (Not in the mean way) as though it was like "Ah, Momo is talking again."

If Sayu's sister were to be added into Morning Musume, Sayu will be elated. Sayu has been staying together with her sister since young and now that her sister has moved out, it feels a little weird whenever Sayu gets home and her sister is not around. However, Sayu's sister has a poor memory. Sayu went to the karaoke with her sister not long ago and her sister remembered "Shouganai Yume Oibito" as "Shouganai Oikake nin".

At the thought of a couple making-of in the street, Sayu was reminded of Mikitty. It may be just because she knows that Mikitty has just got married but Sayu thinks that the before-marriage Mikitty and the after-marriage Mikitty looks different. As though the happiness she found is now engraved onto her face.

Koharu may be a free-willed girl, she knows when is the time to be serious. During lessons and rehearsals, she will take things seriously. For example, when the girls were practising their "Nanchatte Renai" lines, Koharu, who has the same part of lines with Sayu, just that Koharu's part in the 1st part of the song while Sayu's part is in the 2nd part of the song, she was worried as she could not get the first key of the first line right straight away. Sayu too, had the same problem so both of them practised together. They came up with a plan. The lines before these 2 girls' lines are Aichan's and the first key of Aichan's last line is the same as theirs, so they decided that the moment Aichan sings her first word, they will quickly register that in their mind (During the performance) and keep repeating it in their minds. It was pretty dangerous though because the first word of Aichan's line was "Ha" (Hamburger ♪) while Sayu's was "He" (Headphone ♪)

Morning Musume - Aki Urara ♪

This week's sexy word
Sayu : Wet tissue ~

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Sayu : OyaSayumin ♥