Morning Musume DVD Magazine Vol.23

Friday, May 01, 2009

Translations for only Ojou3-related parts (My top 3!)
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Eri starts the DVD off with a small talk about her costumes for Platinum 9 DISCO. When they were deciding on their costumes, the stylist chose for Eri while the rest got to choose their own. Since Eri has turned 20 last year, the stylist gave her costumes a theme, and that's erotic + cute, to give her a sexy look even though she's sexy enough. And with that, she got herself a nice set of cute costumes. Gaki-san then joins Eri, providing us with more Gaki-Kame-ness.

Gaki-san : What were you talking about? Erotic + cute?
Eri : I didn't say anything like that!
Gaki-san : You did. What were you referring to?
Eri : I didn't say that.
Gaki-san : You said something about after turning 20. You've yet to change any of your habits till now.
Eri : Yeah, I'll just change my appearance.
Gaki-san : What about that?
Eri : I'll try to look more adult-liked.
Gaki-san : Are you able to be more punctual now that you've turned 20?
Eri : ...Erm, lets talk about that only after I've turned 21.

Even though both the girls are here chatting like they usually do, they had no idea what the camera was placed there for. Perhaps its because of the bad memories Eri had on HM@, she suspected that this whole thing is actually a prank.

Gaki-san : How can it actually be a prank?!
Eri : After my recording when I came here this thing was already here!
Gaki-san : Uh-huh?
Eri : When did they installed it here?!
Gaki-san : Its placed here to find out what type of talks the 20-year-old Kamei Eri will give.
Eri : Yes.
Gaki-san : They all want to know..
Eri : And what I said was..
Gaki-Kame : (In sync) Erotic + cute.
Gaki-san : Lol.

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All members were asked to talk about all MM members, including themselves, in one phrase.
First off was our little turtle.
Sayu : She's a human. The way she moves, the things she talks about, the words she choose to use and the things she tries to express about, they are filled with lots of humaneness. She's a really kind and welcoming person.
Reina : I have a lot of phrases to describe her and they'll be henyahenya, umeboshi and kombu. She can't really speak smoothly that's why I have that henyahenya image of her. She's like all funyafunya (Soft, the same thing Reina has described Eri with last year in Kindai).
Koharu : We're always paired up together. Whenever we go out to film a DVD, I'll definitely end up in a group with Kamei-san. It has been happening for around 4 times (3 only actually, once in Alo-Hello 2, 2 other times in MM DVD Magazines)
Aika : I can't see the 20-year-old image in her. Its easy to get along with her. At first, I was a little afraid of her. Back then I was one who greets other people lots of times and she had kindly told me that its okay to just do it one time but I got frightened because of that.

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Eri had her fringe trimmed.

Contunuing with the interview part.
Junjun : She has that sleepy image but the moment she stands on the stage, she's powerful. Other than being on stage, I can only imagine her with that sleepy image.
Linlin : Airhead and she's one who can get along well with others easily. Kamei-san is really bad with handling mornings. She'll greet "Good Morning" with a bright smile but her eyes are shut. That sight of her really bring smiles to my face.
Aichan : Eri, she's an idiot (lol). If I were to say this is one phrase, even though the phrase don't sound cute, she's a cute idiot. Its not that I'm reading those
maternity books, but I often tell her "Don't be stupid, Eri.", "Don't be an idiot, Eri," (lol)
Gaki-san : Kamei Eri? Funyafunya. She's always funyafunya-ing. At first I thought she was the most responsible one among the 6th generation members, but she ended up as one who funyafunya a lot. Even though I'm of the same age as her, she's always like little junior whereby I'll compliment her for being cute.
Eri : Myself?! I don't really change...have I? Honestly, I think I'm half-hearted. I do things half-heartedly.

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Sayu was talking about her hometown when Gaki-san came in speaking loudly before invading the room. They decided to talk about turning 20 years old. For no good reason, Sayu said "Itachi" instead of "Hatachi", she quickly corrects herself, leaving Gaki-san stunned for that why would one even make such a silly mistake? Apparently Gaki-san had promised to bring Sayu along for a drink after Sayu turns 20. And here comes Ojou3 + Aika!

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Eri comfortably sits on Gaki-san lap and Gaki-san wrapped her arms around Eri's waist I bet Sayu's blood was boiling but she had to hold back since they're in front of the camera :P
All 4 of them started talking at the same time, about being noisy when they themselves are noisy enough, lol. Aika said that Gaki-san is immature even though she's 20, and Gaki-san calls Aika a 16-year-old kid. Aika was then called out for her DVD recording. Sayu reminds Aika to say something nice about Sayu while Eri told Aika to say something bad about Eri. And the reason for that? Eri wants Aika to get that bad/mean image. Sayu "Man, you're meanest!"

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Sayu started complaing about their dressing room not having enough sweets. Eri caught a glimpse of Gaki-san's Alo-hello 2 DVD and brought it over and Ojou3 started advertising it. Btw, the Dohhh UP! Gaki-san's Alo-hello 2 DVD promotion video was probably recorded the same day as this DVD since Gaki-Kame were wearing similar jackets to the ones they wore in that "rice advertisement" video. Eri's random ideas strike again. She took the disc out of the cover and acted as though there was a invisible DVD player. Gaki-san and Sayu played along with Eri.

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Woah, this glare can kill millions!
Eri : Gaki-san..her smile, is perfect. Ever since I've joined Morning Musume, I've noticed that Gaki-san has the tendency to smile with a bright smile which makes her whole face light up and she looks really cute when doing that. (FYI : Eri don't praise one for being cute often, even Gaki-san has mentioned that Eri don't really praise people)
Sayu : Gaki-san, I'm sorry. Gaki-san thinks that I'm a half-hearted person. Even though she didn't change her fingernails, I asked her "Gaki-san, you changed your nails right?" and that happened a number of times. I wanted to make a comback by being the first one to notice it when she changes something so there was once when I saw her cellphone strap I thought she changed it and asked if she did, but she replied that she has been using this cellphone strap all along. I was like "Oh no, I did it again".
Reina : A watch. Gaki-san always has a watch with her, and at times, there are studios without clocks and if I want to know the time, under such situations, the first thing that'll strike me if Gaki-san.

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Gaki-san talks about drinking alcohol. At first she was afraid of trying out as she didn't know how well can she handle them so she drank with her parents. She's looking forward to a drinking session with this 9-people MM line-up after everyone turns 20, the legal age in Japan to drink alcohol.

Koharu : Niigaki-san..she plays the tsukkomi role in MM. Its really fun with her around during MCs.
Aika : Her follow-ups are great. She's a quick-witted person, and follows up to people's set-ups really fast.
Junjun : Niigaki-san..papa. She's very responsible.
Linlin : Kind green princess. I have that image of her loving green a lot and she's a really kind person. She always invites me to Yokohama (Gaki-san's hometown) and meals. Its really fun to be with her.

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Meanwhile..Gaki-san is still talking about alcohol.

Aichan : Gaki-san is like an elder sister. Even though she's younger than me, she's very responsible. She looks after the members a lot. She'll be concerned and will ask questions like "What happened?".
Gaki-san : Scatterbrain? I often fail in holding seems like I'm pretty bad in handling conversations. Erm and also, time. I'm very concious about punctuality. There has been reminders to me to not turn up till 30minutes before the scheduled timing but I'll still turn up early.

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We then have Sayu talking about Yamaguchi, an incident that happened when she returned to her hometown in 2009. She got confused with panko in the end so she just dropped the whole panko talk and finished her story. Apparently when her sister asked the shop assistant if it was a panko, the shop assistant shot her sister down with a straight-forward "Its not panko.". Even though Sayu has no idea what the camera was installed there for, she just continued talking.

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Reina : Sayu is changing her character recently. Back then when we've just debuted Sayu was like a little girl from Yamaguchi, doing Usachan Peace! and such, but now she's like a poisonous snake. She'll inject "poison" in her words.
Koharu : educator. Its easy to communicate with her. I'll always tell her some of my happenings but she've mentioned on her radio that she sometimes will wonder if its okay to be listening when she don't understand me. I do admit my stories aren't interesting.
Aika : Its easy to open up to her. When some talks become too serious, she'll try and make me relax at the end of the conversation in a jokingly way.
Junjun : She's cute but recently she looks like she's maturing quite a bit.

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Sayu : Eririn, her dai-senpai is blocked by you.
Gaki-san : I'm not even on the screen!
Eri : (Bends over) You'll be on if I bend this way.
Gaki-san : (lol) The manager-san just reminded us to keep our volumes down.
Eri : Ne, how long more do we have to wait? ):
Gaki-san : Hey hey, listen to me please. Everytime we're (MM) splitted into 2 dressing rooms, we'll..
Eri : (Blocks Gaki-san)
Gaki-san : Hey, they can't see me!
Eri : (Bends down)
Gaki-san : We'll always end up as these 4 people in one dressing room (Points to Junjun, Sayu, herself and the air next to her)
Eri : Eh? Where's the 4th person?
Sayu : (lol) Oh yes, you're right!
Eri : You've forgotten about Linlin!

Going back to the interview.
Linlin : She's the cutest person in this universe. Her eyes are always glimmering as though she's a character from mangas and her Usachan Peace!s are cute. Her talks are funny too.
Aichan : Sayu, she's a genius. She can talk non-stop. It makes me wonder where does she get all those stories to tell even though at times she'll fumble on her words. She good in choosing her words too.
Gaki-san : Mouth. Not just her tsukkomis, but also her just-talk-only talks. For example, my fingernails, I change them frequently. She once asked me if I've changed my nails when I didn't. She often make half-hearted remarks but I think the current MM need tsukkomis like her.
Eri : She has a tight mouth. I'm on very good terms with her and I trust her a lot. I do trust other members too but Sayu's one who I can trust fully on.

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Apparently Junjun had declared her specialty to be making people laugh, so Ojou3 challenged her to make Eri and Sayu laugh. Just by touching Eri in a gentle way, it made Eri burst into laughter. However, Sayu says that Eri's one who laughs easily at everything, so now for Sayu's turn. Junjun took quite some time throwing those erotic expressions to Sayu before making her burst into laughter too.

Going back to the interview.
Sayu : Myself..? Erm..cute (lol) I want to be cute forever. I'll be turning 20 this year, but instead of wanting to be more adult-liked or prettier, I'd like to be even cuter.

So here come's the revival of Sayu-Reina skits, this time round, along with Junjun!
Skit 1, take 1.
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Reina : Ne, Sayu, today is Valentine's day.
Junjun : (Interrupts)
- Cut -
Reina : Hey, its not your turn yet! Join us later.

Skit 1, take 2.
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Reina : Ne, Sayu, today is Valentine's day isn't it?
Sayu : Uh-huh.
Reina : I made you some chocolates!
Sayu : Woah.
Junjun : Can I come in already?
Reina : Its not your turn yet, shut up!
Sayu : (plays with Reina's earings)
Reina : I don't really make them often..but I've made them for you.
Sayu : Uh-huh.
Reina : I thought I'll give it to you.
Junjun : Can I come in already?
Reina : (Signals for Junjun to come in) Here (Sccops out her chocolates from nowhere)
Junjun : Ah looks delicious (snatches and eats it)

Skit 2, take 1.
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Sayu : Jun..
Junjun : Yes?
Sayu : Do you know what day is today?
Junjun : What is it?
Sayu : 14th of Feb, Valentine's day.
Junjun : Eh?
Sayu : In Japan, during Valentine's day girls will give boys presents.
Reina : Naichau Kamo ♪ Naichau Kamo ♪ Naichau Kamo ♪ Kamo ♪ Kamo ♪ Kamo ♪
Sayu : Your phone is ringing.
Junjun : (picks up) Hello?
Reina : (On the other line) Hello? Jun?
Sayu : Who's that?
Junjun : Be quiet for a while.
Reina : Jun, why do I hear a female's voice?
Junjun : That's right
Sayu : Who's that?
Reina : What do you mean by "That's right"?
Sayu : Who are you talking to?!
Reina : I'm coming over now (Puts down the phone)
Junjun : (puts down the phone)
Sayu : Who was that?
Reina : Pin pon (Doorbell)
Sayu : Someone's rining the doorbell, go open the door.
Junjun : Its okay, let it be.
Sayu : Its not.
Reina : Ah nevermind, I've got the key to his house.
Sayu : Who's that? Who is that?!
Reina : (walks in)
Junjun : Omg!
Sayu : Who is that?!
Reina : (Sits down) Ne Jun, who is this girl?
Sayu : Who is she?
Junjun : (points to Sayu) my girlfriend.
Reina : Huh? What about me?
Junjun : My girlfriend.
Sayu : Huh? Why do you have 2 girlfriends?
Sayu & Reina : (Smack Junjun)
Sayu : You can only have one girlfriend.
Reina : You're horrible. Lets go, Sayu. Go find other girls yourself (to Junjun).

Skit 3.
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Reina : I'm leaving.
Junjun : Why?
Reina : I have to work. I love you (Faked a kiss)
Junjun : Don't leave me please!