Wear the correct shoes, or end up with blister'd feets

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Here's the shoe incident between Gaki-san and Sayu. It was an episode that Sayu had shared on Konya mo Usachan Peace #087

A sender asked Sayu to elaborate on the boots incident which Gaki-san had apologized to Sayu through the Pocket Morning Diary (This happened during All Singles Complete Concert Tour)

Sayu's right feet is a little smaller then her left feet and since shoes usually come in the same size (For a pair), she has to put something in her right shoe so that it won't be too loose. She put the "something" in Gaki-san's right boot, not knowing that it was Gaki-san's, then wore it but she did realize that it was a little different cos' it was really small so she took out the "something". She could somewhat fit in nicely into the shoe but her big toe was getting squashed inside. After complaining to the staffs, they found out it was Gaki-san's boots but Gaki-san had already put on Sayu's right boot and was on the stage so they had no choice but to ask Sayu go on stage in Gaki-san's right boot and that was actually right before the longest medley of the whole concert. Gaki-san feet is smaller then Sayu's, so Sayu knew that if she were to go on stage to perform in this boot she'll get a blister for sure. She didn't want to go on with this boot so she had actually asked Gaki-san to return her her boot on the stage during the MC. Even though Sayu is sure that her boot is bigger then Gaki-san's, but Gaki-san was totally okay wearing her boot. They changed back, but there was already a small blister on Sayu's small toe but still, she had to endure the pain of the friction between her blister and the boot and continue performing.

Such things do happen don't they?
Just imagine Reina wearing Junjun's shoes, dancing to Kanashimi Twilight. I have no problems picturing Reina's shoes flying into the crowd.