7 Years of Awesomeness

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Today marks the 7th year of the addition of the three amazing personalities to Morning Musume. In case you don't know, I'm talking about the 6th generation.

We have seen how their management have placed their fun-loving personality and good chemistry into good use through the MC segments and promotions. They may not be the most talented members, but these three, like other senior members, certainly worked their asses off to be who they are now. A great singer, a great dancer and a great TV personality. Can this generation be any greater?

I'm a big fan of Rokkies and I love how despite their absolutely different personalities, they work really well together. Its great to see them pass yet another milestone of their career and friendship today. I'm sure Sayu remembers this date (I remember watching her talk about January 19 in a Morning Musume DVD) and do hope that they have their way of celebrating this day.
Happy 7th anniversary to Rokkies!