Radical League 2009/03/27

Saturday, March 28, 2009

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Radical League 2009/03/27

Guest : Takahashi Ai, Junjun & Linlin

Opening Talk
The host had jokingly requested for these three girls to be the guests on behalf of Morning Musume but the staffs took it seriously and managed to invite the three girls on show. This is the first radio program Linlin has attended after turning 18 on the 3/11. The host was honored and did the "ring ring ring ring" call (Refer to Koi no Dial 6700).

What type of senior is Takahashi Ai?
Linlin feels that Aichan plays the role of an elder sister. Whenever she sees Linlin feeling lonely, she'll bring Linlin out for a meal and she worries a lot about the members. She'll talk to the members to make sure they are not having any problems.
Aichan has been teaching Junjun lots of stuff. Whenever Aichan asks Junjun if she wants to eat something, she'll use the tone that's different from usual which Junjun has described as cute.

What type of juniors are Junjun & Linlin?
Even though there's only 2 years difference in their age, Aichan feels that Junjun is like a little child to Aichan. And for Linlin, she uses gestures a lot and they are usually the gestures from animes. Eg. her famous "Ka ka ka" (The sound made by crows). Aichan thinks its pretty cute for her to do that.

During the game, the last question was what do you love the most in your life?
The girls' answers.
Aichan : My family
Junjun : My friends.
Linlin : Food!

As we know, when Junjun and Linlin had first moved to Japan, they had problems adapting to the environment. Since they are all alone in another country, they have to learn to be independent. But after they are able to communicate well with the members, they like now so close that they are like a family. Just recently, Gaki-san was at Junjun's house and they were chatting, eating and having lots of fun (I bet they were drinking)

When Linlin games, she'll be like "Go go!", "Yes I won!!". The host asked if Aichan curses when she loses a game (Eg. Bastard!) and JunLin quickly answers for her saying that she don't. The host continues asking and asked "Have you ever cursed?", Aichan hesitated for a second before admitting she has.

According to Junjun, Aichan uses phrases like "OH MY GOD!" often. English conversation! This is totally in English. Italic for Japanese parts. Pay attention to Aichan's English.

Linlin : What's your name?
Host : My name is OOOO
Junjun : Okay, no problem
Aichan : Are you hungry?
Host : Yeah.
Junjun : Where are you from?
Host : Eh?
Aichan, Junjun & Linlin : Where are you from?
Host : Eh?
Aichan, Junjun & Linlin : Where are you from?!
Host : I don't understand.
Aichan : EH?!
Junjun : It means "Where are you from?"
Aichan : ..Uh..erm I'm from Fukui.
Host : Ah, Fukui. Yamaguchi.
Aichan : Ah, same as Michishige Sayumi-chan!

Aichan during concerts
The host has attended one of the Hello! Project concerts before and he noticed Aichan's eyes when she performs. He described it as "adult-liked" and told Aichan that her expressions are really sexy. When asked about her expressions, Aichan said she totally had no idea what expressions she were making because concerts are just too enjoyable. Both the host and Junjun agreed that Aichan can make one's heart beats faster with that look when she performs. For some reason, Junjun & Linlin started showering Aichan with praises and Junjun even added on that she aspires like her. The host who's also a fan of Morning Musume commented that Aichan had grew up a lot since she've joined Morning Musume back in late 2001. Aichan being the humble Aichan we all know, just laughed and said she'll continue to work harder.

Ending talk
Aichan, Junjun & Linlin to listeners : Aishiteru (I love you)
OnDiet : Damn, why wasn't Eri on the show?!

Sometimes I wonder how one can dislike a lovely girl like Aichan other then the fact that she has a boring personality.