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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Here's another translation of Pocket Morning Diary. This time round, its from Sayu! Recommended for Aichan-Sayu duo lovers.

03/22 Matsudo - Michishige Sayumi

Matsudo 3rd Day
Good job for the 3rd day (Winks)
I had lots of fun ↑↑ (Grins)
As expected, concerts are great ↑↑ They are the best (Grins)

And for today, like what I've promised yesterday, I will take some pictures with other memebers ↑↑

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First off the 1st picture,
Today is the 22nd of March...yes, its Usachan Peace's day
Before the concert, I've requested Aichan to do the Usachan Peace together with me (Grins)
Thank chuu for doing it without any hesitation, Aichan
Talking about Aichan...Today during the concert, I kissed her
I knew Aichan would be surprised if I kissed her, but even though so, she kissed me back
And both of us ended up surprised by one another!!

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And now for the 2nd picture
This picture too, was taken before the concert despite Eri-chan only just started on her fringe
I told her its okay for her to continue with her preparations but the moment I pressed the shutter, she looked over to the camera's direction
Looking as poke as ever isn't she?

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And now for the 3rd picture
One of the many pictures that I've taken with Reina before the concert
Sayumi "Shoyu koto"
Reina "Shio yu koto"*

Alright, thank you for all the fun I'll be happy if you'll do the Usachan Peace along with me
From Sayumi

*Sayu was holding on to a bottle of shoyu (Japanaese soy sauce) while Reina was holding to a bottle of shio (Salt) in the picture. They were trying to make a pun of their old "sou iu koto" gag.

According to a fan, Aichan returned Sayu's kiss during 「Love & Peace! Hero ga Yattekita」
Lets all hope that the Aichan-Sayu love will be on the DVD Magazine.
Its definitely something worth taking up that couple of seconds in the DVD.

And Eri's expression
Have to be posted again.
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Something unrelated to Pocket Morning Diary, as we know, Platinum 9 DISCO will be held in Shiga-ken today and Fukui-ken tomorrow, Aika and Aichan's hometowns. Both of the girls' fans have came up with a plan. In Shiga-ken, they will do the Aika call instead of Encore call and will lit up their purple lightsticks. While in Fukui-ken, they will be doing an Aichan call during the encore for the afternoon concert and as for the evening concert, they will do the Aichan call as well as to lit up yellow lightsticks.

Will Aichan be so touched that she ends up in tears?