Eri's a bully?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Bad influence.

Nah not really. There's a "story" behind it. As we know, these concert backstage photos are from Pocket Morning, which has a mail written by the member who had prepared the mail to be sent out to the subscribers. This was the mail that this photo was attached to. A mail from Reina.


えりってねぇ(≡´T`≡)裏では れいなをイジメるんですよぉ



っとゆ-事で こわい顔で撮ってもらいましたぁ 」
Credits to 2ch.

Translation of Tanaka Reina's Pocket Morning
「Today's photo is features ☆Kamei Eri☆

Eri has..(≡´T`≡) been bullying me behind the scenes.
She's scary (lol)

If she were to see this pocket diary that I've written, I'll be dead.
So please keep this as a secret.

Don't leak it out (lol)

Since I'm talking about such a topic, I took a picture with her with our scary expressions.」

It was a joke of course. Eri will never hurt a fly.
But the badass look on Eri's face just makes the photo worth a million more times then it originally was.