More updates on 「Jewel Pet」 Press conference 3/25

Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Since this is Eri's first try in dubbing animes, there are lots of stuff she don't know and the dubbers in the cast have kindly showed her the ropes. Eri had asked Koharu how can she actually practice dubbing, how should she speak and such. That's the serious side of our little turtle who's trying really hard for this anime.

And as for Fujimoto Miki's marriage, she've yet to send a mail to congratulate her since it was pretty surprising. Eri have mentioned that she'd like to send her a mail saying "So after all the decision she've made at that time was right."
According to Natalie, the opening theme song will be sang by Asaka Yui, song name 「Maji? Maji! Magical☆Jewel」and the ending theme song will be sang by Mitsuko Horie, song name 「Egao no loop」Smile's loop (?).