PPP = Practice, perform, power.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Heh, the PPP is just made up by me. Eri's definition of PPP was "Pretty, Positive, Peaceful" while Gaki-san's was "Pokepokepoo"

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Try harder next time, Aichan!

Tsunku has been posting his comments about the songs in Platinum 9 DISC. Here's something that's worth reading. (Tsuku's blog post)

"Kamei has the most power in Morning Musume when it comes to dance performances but.."
Not going to quote the whole paragraph. The but isn't anything bad. He just talked about wanting Eri is fully concentrate on just singing Kataomoi no Owari ni during the performance. (In other words, not much of dancing for her in this song)

Just look at the gif. Eri does it nicely and not just doing it because its part of the dance. She has the intensity and power, which plays a big part in concerts. Back then in 2005 she attended dance lessons on DOKYU cos' she said there was once, her mother went to MM's concert, but when she got home and asked how was it, her mother told her she didn't know where her daughter was. So the teacher told Eri she has to make her dance moves bigger so that the fans will notice her during concerts. Now, Eri's able to not only get the fans' attention, she's even able to get Tsunku's attention! That's something that Eriens should be proud of.