~ Platinum 9 GLOBE ~ Concert Goods

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Morning Musume's Concert Tour 2009 Spring ~ Platinum 9 DISCO ~ concert goods
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Gees, look at this! Eri is in the center! (I'm not dreaming am I?) . Meanwhile, UFI is probably really busy now a days, that they can't afford the time to design a new costume for Reina so they just made some modifications to her Naichau Kamo costume and dyed it black :D
But, WOW. Eri in the center! I have to get it!

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Well, I knew the design for the T-shirt to be this, which don't look good at all. The black T-shirt is probably already the best looking one. Also, DISCO ball in the design looks more like a globe. And woah, what's with the girls' hairstyles in the photocards that come along with the T-shirts? For a moment there, they made the girls curl their hair up like some instant noodles in Platinum 9 DISC and now they make the girls look like they just woke up and took the pictures without doing up their hair for Platinum 9 DISCO's goods. Ah, but I have to admit some of the girls (eg. Sayu) looks good with straight hair. Putting Aichan and Eri's solo T-shirts side by side, it looks like its the same thing, just that they inverted the colors. And for some reason, Aichan's muffler looks more like an orange one rather then a yellow one.

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The uchiwas were shocking. When I was looking through the goods I was in a conversation with Hammy, and we were wondering wtf happened to the girls when they were taking the photos for these uchiwas.

The reasons behind the girls' expressions (OnDiet's version)
Aichan : Damn, Sayu is going to have a solo song in the concert! Wtf? Her singing is 10000000 times worst then mine and you're telling me she gets a solo while I'm stuck with Gaki-san and Reina?
Gaki-san : Argh, I wanted to sing Take off is now with Aichan and Eri, but that annoying Reina..ARGHH.
Eri : Oh yeah baby, here's just a spoiler of what you'll see in the concert. I kill all of you with my sexiness.
Sayu : I'm neeeervous for my solo song! (What's with her eyebrow anyway?)
Reina : I wanna sleep.
Koharu : Kirari is going to end..so this is probably the last concert tour I'l get to sing solo"
Aika : Check out my new mop hairstyle!
Junjun and Linlin : Huh? Wo bu hui suo ri wen. Ke yi suo hua wen mah?
I thought it was a pretty childish thought, but that tickled Hammy :P

Moving on.
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The towels look great and 5 stars for Reina's badass look. I'm thinking of getting the keychains, even though I thought it was like getting robbed. (I'm just a student with no income. 1500yen for a keychain is considered expensive for me.

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I'm not surprised by how friggin' good the girls look, since they always look good in photocards.
Alright, even though I'm complaining about the goods, I'm still going to go for all the Eri goods and some other stuff. Onegaishimasu, Hammy!