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Monday, March 16, 2009

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Tsunku updated his blog about Platinum 9 DISCO concert tour which will be starting this Friday. He made a couple of comments about the girls and here's 3 that caught my eye.

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Just 2 days ago I was discussing with Steph about how much Koharu had changed in terms of looks and personality. I was talking to her about Koharu's sudden change of personality in 2008. Even though Koharu behaves childishly at times, but it was pretty obvious that she's maturing. She has became more reliable perhaps because of the fact that she has to take care of Eri when they go on radio and TV shows together. Looking at the 2009 Koharu now, she's different from the 2005 Koharu who was always in the Kirari character which I sometimes dislike. Even though I prefer the adult-ish Koharu, I don't want her to lose her forever genki and KY character which other members often jokingly poke fun of. I'd prefer her to be who she is and continue to bring joy and laughter to the group like what Gokkies had mentioned during a Resonant Live MC.

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Its true. Eri possesses both cute-ness and intensity. The moment Eri steps onto the stage, she's a different person from the backstage Eri who fools around. She's serious about her performances and gives all her best like other girls do. Whether its singing or dancing, there's both cute-ness and intensity (or even, sexiness) in them. Just like what fellow Rokkies said, one can never get "used" to or sick of Eri's cute-ness. Even after being Eri's producer for 6 years, Tsunku still notices Eri's cute-ness.

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"Gaki-san's calm voice."
So now that Tsunku commented on Gaki-san's voice, I decided to pay full attention to it. I'll say its soothing rather then calm. I played Gaki-san's Indigo Blue Love on repeat as I'm typing out this post. Its calming and makes one feel secured in this cold night (Except for those parts which she put extra stress on). Do try listening to Yowamushi with your eyes close. Its different.