Top 20 moments of MM DVD Magazine Vol.16

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Re-watched Morning Musume DVD Magazine Vol.16 today. Instead of translating the whole DVD (Which will take quite a long time), I translated the top 20 favourite moments of mine in the DVD.Enjoy!

#20. 打付けた
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During the ride when Koharu was flapping around she knocked her nose against the pole and Eri had a great time laughing at her.

After the ride Eri commented on Koharu's nose turning red.

#19. 三人乗ったから?
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The rest of the members were surprised that A team managed to get themselves 27 points. Eri explained to them that it was because both Koharu & Junjun rolled 4.
Reina : Eri you mean you didn't roll 4 too?
Eri : I didn't managed to roll..but I rode the ride together with them too..?
Lol, they made it sound as though our little turtle didn't contribute to the team.

#18. 絵里にしゃべらせてっ!
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Eri : *Talking*
Junjun: (Cuts in) Okay, the end!
Eri : Wait, wait!
Koharu : Hey wait! Hey, Junjun! Junjun!
Eri : Hey, you (Koharu) too! Enough, let me talk!
Lol, Eri x Koharu x Junjun trio? Eri HAS to take up the responsibility.

#17. もうボケすぎ!
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Since all three of them refused to drive the go-kart alone, Eri suggested to play Paper & Stone, the odd one will be the solo driver. Koharu who agreed readily for some reason don't understand Eri or something, and went "Scissors, paper, stone", Eri had to stop her and told her to not behave like a fool. They did another round but Junjun didn't seem to understand the game and threw out sissors instead of either paper or stone and Eri told her "you're too dumb". Don't take it seriously, it don't sound that harsh in Japanese.

#16. パン!(食べたい)
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Junjun : Bread! (I want to eat!)
Eri : Koharu, show her your angry side.
Koharu : JUNJUN! Junjun is winning over us too much!
Eri : Koharu's not scary at all!
Koharu : Junjun! *wails*
It was seriously surprising that such a group could win the game.

#15. 痛い!ハッ
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During her second ride her kept bumping against the sides of the seats and kept Ouch-ing

#14. Aチームの勝ち!
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They replayed all 9 members' reaction after A team was announced as the winner and Reina had this extremely surprised expression on her face while others just smiled or showed disappointment.
Its understandable why she was so shocked. I mean..Eri, Koharu and Junjun in one team is already a disaster..and somehow, they even won over the very-responsible-team (C team) and we-love-skits-team (B team)? Now you know why Koharu is called miracle. Cause there's miracles happening around her where ever she goes.

#13. ガキさんのだんごが揺れよる ハハッ
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While waiting for Sayu & Linlin's ride to start, Reina spotted Aichan's team on the ride next to her fellow teammates'.
Reina : I can see Gaki-san's dango (Her hairstyle) shaking! HAHAHA!

#12. リンリンはすごくイイ子!
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Linlin picked the Merry-go-round card which was the ride that the girls wanted to ride.
Sayu : Linlin you're such a good kid! You're really a good kid. You're a very good kid! (Pulls Linlin away dumping Reina behind)
Reina : (Runs after the pair) What about me?

#11. 君たちすごい!
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After Koharu had rolled 4, the trio started celebrating.
Eri : Both of you are awesome! (They both rolled 4)
Koharu : You didn't do anything at all.
Eri : It sounded as though I didn't do anything

#10. 俺の彼女だぜ
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Reina : She's my girlfriend.
Sayu : Reina-kun!
Reina : Sayumi, you can rely on me.
Sayu : Lets have fun driving.
Reina : This is my first time driving though..
Sayu : First time?!

#09. コマネチ!!
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After losing horribly at Zola 7, Sayu had to do either an ippatsu gag or impersonation as a penalty (The score was Reina : 46, Linlin : 10, Sayu : 0)
Sayu : Komanechi!! (An old gag. You can catch Goto doing it too during the MM field trip special program)
Reina : Woah. Please watch the slow motion ~
(Slow motion)
Reina : Ko~mo~ne~chi

#08. 知らねーよ!
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Koharu : What can I ride?
C team : How would we know!
Perfect tsukkomi by C team.

#07. これ怖いくないよ♪
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Gaki-san : You want me to tell you this ride isn't scary?
Koharu : Yada!
Gaki-san : This ride isn't scary ♪
Koharu : You're a liar! (Whacks Gaki-san)
Lol'd at Gaki-san teasing Koharu.

#06. 意味はナニ?
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A team's strategy : Before rolling the dice, they will play a round of scissors, paper, stone. Since scissors, paper, stone is all about luck, it'll prove that the winner is the luckiest and should roll the dice. This strategy worked and led A team to victory.
After their first ride, Junjun won the scissors, paper, stone and was to roll the dice. She rolled 4, which was the highest score on the dice. Eri & Koharu started high-five-ing one another while Junjun gave a confused expression, not knowing what's the big deal with the 4. Despite not knowing why they are celebrating, she returned the high-fives Eri & Koharu had gave her and then turning to the camera she asked "What does it mean?".

#05. 本当に大丈夫?
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Gaki-san : Aichan & Mitsui will go for Ee Janai Ka (A ride)
Aika : Eh? What about you?
Gaki-san : Hees, me..Erm, how many people can ride this ride?
Staff : 4
Gaki-san : 4? Then perhaps I should give it a try..
Aichan : Will you be okay?
Gaki-san : I'll be all right..I think.
Aichan : Really?
Gaki-san : I'm really weak at such rides, but I'll try!
Aichan : (Worried expression) Will you really be okay?
Favourited because of the TakaGaki love. The always-caring Aichan sounded very concerned about Gaki-san despite it being just a ride.

#04. 私の声じゃないだ
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B Team's last game was one whereby they will put on headphones in a totally dark room whereby some eerie noises will be played.
Sayu : How long will this sound game last? I'm really scared!
Reina : How long does it last? I can't hear anything.
Sayu : No, I heard footsteps, not from the headphone.
(A sound from the headphone or something)
Sayu & Reina : AHHHH!
Reina : Sayuu ~!
Sayu : I'm really scared.
Reina : I dropped my headphone somewhere. Where's the headphone?
Linlin : AHHHHHHH ~
Reina : Linlin's voice is scary!
Linlin : AHHHHH ~
Sayu : Linlin's voice is the most scary!!
Reina : Sayu, the headphone!
Sayu : No headphone. This is your headphone?
Reina : This this this. (I have no idea what's happening there, its totally dark)
Sayu : Ah, thanks.
Reina : Did you hear something? Did you hear something? Did you hear something? UWAAAAH, IT'S SAYING SOMETHING!
Sayu : WOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Omg, this is bad. Oh, its over? It was seriously scary.
Sayu : Linlin's "Wuaaaaah" was..
Linlin : That wasn't my voice!
Listening to the girls panicking was fun.

#03. やった!
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Sayu : Why are you the one rolling the dice?
Reina : Because I've yet to play my part.
Sayu : You always get the best role isn't it?
Reina : Yup! Why not you guys close your eyes and guess the number I've rolled through my voice then give a reaction.
(Rolled the dice and the result was -2)
Reina : Yay! (Runs away from Sayu & Linlin)
Linlin : Ah ~ My god!
(Meanwhile, Aichan's team saw Reina running alone)
Gaki-san : Tanakacchi, what are you doing?
Aichan : What are you doing?
Aika : You're alone?
Reina : (Wanted to turn back, but when she saw monster Sayu chasing after her she ran off again)
Sayu : (While chasing Reina) Reina, you're horrible! Really horrible!
C team : What happened?
Sayu : I want to be in C team! (Hugs Gaki-san)
Aichan : What happened?
Sayu : Reina was being mean!

#02. どうして欲しいの?
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Sayu & Reina's skit Part 2 Take 1
Reina : Today is our first date isn't it?
Sayu : You're right.
Reina : My hands are really cold.
Sayu : Your hands are feeling cold?
Reina : Yes, my hands are feeling cold.
Sayu : What do you want me to do?
Reina : Woah, what a S-type guy (Cold type)! She said "What do you want me to do?". Cut cut! Can you be kinder?!

Sayu & Reina's skit Part 2 Take 2
Reina : Today is our first date isn't it?
Sayu : That's right, Reina.
Reina : Today's weather is cold isn't it?
Sayu : You're feeling cold?
Reina : Yes. My hands are very cold.
Sayu : You're always feeling cold.
Reina : Yes. You aren't going to do anything?
Sayu : All right, I shall give you some warmth (Holds Reina's hand)
Reina : Thank you, I'm happy!
Conclusion : Sayu isn't romantic.
Reina : Please include the whole skit in the DVD. Did you hear what she said during the first take? "What do you want me to do?". She's scary isn't it?

#01. もうやだ!!
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Ranked #01 of my favourite moments for MM DVD Magazine Vol.16 for Eri's I'm-going-to-cry-soon expression and screams.

All right, lets have a small pic spam as a round up for the DVD
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This is my favourite MM line-up of all time.
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Morning Musume (070601 ~ Present)