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Friday, April 10, 2009

Happen to be re-watching Uta Doki Pop Classic Vol.12 today. Thought I'll do up a short translation of GAKIKAME's parts.

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Eri read Mitoshi as Suitoshi.
The Kanji 「水」can be pronounced as sui/mizu, but when its used with 「戸市」it should be pronounced as "mi" connected with the "toshi" but our little turtle totally had no idea that its read that way.

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She was really relaxed as she practised her narrating skills in her dressing room, but like other MCs, she just turned nervous suddenly as they stepped into the room.

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After fumbling for quite a number of times during that day of recording, she thinks that the reason behind it was because her tongue had shortened by 1 to 2cm. Cute excuse as usual

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Eri : Guu ~ (Impersonation of Edo Harumi-san)
Gaki-san : That's plagiarism

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The same person Gaki-san had impersonated on Haromoni #50 2008/03/23

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After eating mackerel before the recording, she thinks that when she dances she moves like a mackerel. The staff told her she's weird and picked on her "Suitoshi" mistake again.

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Eri had to ask her mother to teach her the pronunciation of some of the Kanjis in the script such as 「中岡恵子」Nakaoka Keiko, which she had actually thought the 「恵子」is pronounced as Meguko/Megumiko because the 「恵」Kanji is used in 「恵み」Megumi, which is blessing, so Eri just followed the ponounciation of it. Kanjis aren't easy, we can't blame her. (They are my greatest weakness too ^^; )

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Probably amused by Eri's "stupidity" the staff had decided to test her knowledge.
Staff : Which prefecture is Mitoshi in?
Eri : Tokyo-fu?
Staff : I said PREFECTURE didn't I?
Eri : Is it a cold place?
Staff : Its not really that'll take 2 hours to reach there from Tokyo by a train.
Eri : Kanagawa? Chiba?
Staff : You're nearing
Eri : Saitama?
Staff : Nearing the answer!
Eri : Miyagi?
Staff : Ah, way off the answer now.
Eri : Ibaraki?
Staff : That's right!
Eri : Wow, I'm awesome. I got it right within around 5 guesses.
Yup, and that's our little turtle who has low expectations of herself when it comes to Geography. Lets not forget the fact that New York is a CONTINENT, lol.

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When Gaki-san went over to her side, Eri tried to test her. Pointing to the 「中岡恵子」, she asked Gaki-san how she pronounces it. Gaki-san messed up a little and pronounced it as Nakaoka Cheeko, but she figured it out a little while later that its Keiko, not Cheeko. Eri then asked Gaki-san if she knew Mitoshi was pronounced as Mitoshi. Without any hesitation, Gaki-san answered that its Mitoshi, which irritated Eri a little cause she don't want to lose to Gaki-san in Kanjis.
Gaki-san : She's even more dumb at it then me.
Perfect tsukkomi by Gaki-san.

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For some reason, Eri started saying that in Mitoshi there's even more places called Mito-something. She checked with the staff and the staff replied..
Staff : It has nothing got it do with the wrong pronounciation
Lol, Eri got owned. 2 Tsukkomis at one go.

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Goofing around as usual.

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Out of a sudden Eri requested for Gaki-san to sing in Korean immediately. Surprisingly, Gaki-san managed to do it and sang 「Love Letter」's "Suki desu" in Korean, which was something like "Chouha heyo". She's not lying when she says she's studying Korean! So as Gaki-san amazed us with her Korean, Eri declared that the credit goes to her since she was the one who did the set-up for Gaki-san.

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Its hard to believe this girl is already 20.

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One of the sparkles Eri was holding on went off way before it was suppose to and the second one too, resulting in the perf becoming a NG scene.

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To round up for the day, GAKIKAME's Ippatsu Gag!
GAKIKAME : Non-relax! (?)
- Not a stolen gag, it was by Eri herself.

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