Jewel Pet #02 090412

Monday, April 13, 2009

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Garnet (Minami's Jewel Pet) refused to help Minami for her love confession for her senior and ran away from Ruby, Rinko and Minami. When Minami had spotted Garnet and chased after her (She was on a tree), Garnetchallenged Rinko to climb up the tree for her and despite Minami's calls for her to get down, Rinko continued climbing. Rinko had never seen Minami crying once since it was always her that was getting bullied and wailing and Minami would stand up for her so she wanted to do her part for Minami too. Rinko was determined to get hold of Garnet but Minami reminded her that she has acrophobia, causing her to faint right away and off the tree which Ruby had rushed in in time to save her.

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Minami's room, which she had never allowed anyone in.
I was checking 2ch while watching the anime and lol'd at 2ch wotas going "Here comes Rika-chan's room!" and even some saying that its Sayu's room.

Next week looks interesting. The preview had Eri saying "Arisugawa-san do you want to join me for some Kamaboko?" in a really cute voice.