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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Platinum 9 DISCO 090404 - Yamaguchi (Night)
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The letter read for MC GAKI's MC was actually a letter from Sayu, asking MC GAKI how she can earn back Gaki-san's trust after all those nail incidents (I wonder how long they want to talk about it. Its already more then half a year), which MC GAKI kindly added at the end of her MC that Gaki-san isn't angry with Sayu, and asked her not to worry.

A non-stop banzai call from Koharu during the last MC.
Also, during the last MC Eri said she fell in love with Yamaguchi and declared that from the next day onwards when she introduces herself she'll say that she's from Yamaguchi but was stopped Gaki-san and Sayu, who gave her out and told the fans that Eri said exactly the same thing in Fukui (Its true, refer to this post)

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Oh yes, Junjun actually addressed Takahashi as Aichan during her MC with Koharu instead of her usual Takahashi-san. So that makes Aichan the second senior who allowed Junjun to address her as OO-chan.

Platinum 9 DISCO 090405 - Fukuoka
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For Reina's solo MC at the evening concert, she talked about going out for meals with some members. She brought up both the Sayu & Linlin (Refer to this post) and Aichan & Linlin (Refer to this post) incidents. When Reina and Linlin were out together one day, she decided that she MUST pay for the meal since when they are together with Aichan Aichan will always pay for the meal which made Reina think that Aichan really behaves like a senior but Linlin paid in the end. After that they went to a movie theater when Reina was about to pay for the tickets Linlin stopped her and they ended up fighting to pay. Reina gave all sorts of excuses to pay but Linlin was being very stubborn and insisted on paying. What happened next..

Linlin : Tanaka-san, I'll pay!
Reina : Pay then.

Lol. Reina said she had no choice since Linlin was being so insistent and the person behind the ticketing booth had stretched out his hands for over 10 times just to try to get the money but both the girls wanted to pay and its pretty embarassing to be troubling the seller.

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Eri, Sayu and Linlin's MC is being ridiculous, lol. They often play as one another's mother, manager, make-up artist and such now adays. As expected of the 3 comedians of Morning Musume.

During MC GAKI at the afternoon concert, she revealed that Gaki-san had a dream that night about P-Kame. In the dream Eri was acting responsibily and was behaving like how a 20-year-old should. She described the dream as rare and as for the evening concert's MC GAKI, it was a mail from Reina. Apparently Reina had been screwing up her Japanese pronounciation as well as listening. She actually heard hanazono (Garden of flowers) as hanakuso (Nasal discharge). She sought for advice to be able to speak beautiful Japanese. MC GAKI's reply was that if Tanaka Reina speaks in the beautiful Japanese way, then she's no longer Tanaka Reina.

Again, Eri declared her love for Fukuoka and said she'll write her hometown as Fukuoka. Fans had predicted she'd say that and started Eh-ing even before she finished her sentence. She was tsukkomi'd immediately by her nanny and fellow Rokkies of course.

So lets imagine how Eri's profile looks like
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Name : Kamei Eri (亀井絵里)
Nicknames : Kame, Kame-chan, Eririn, Pokepokepoo, Kyamei, P-kame
Birthdate : 23 December 1988 (Currently 20)
Birthplace : Japan, Tokyo, Fukui-ken, Yamaguchi-ken and Fukuoka-ken.