Platinum 9 DISCO in Shiga & Fukui

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

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Her smile

Listened to the fan recordings of the concerts in Shiga and Fukui (I seriously listened to the full thing instead of forwarding them to the MCs)
Fukui's afternoon concert was..unique o.o The fans were doing new chants which sound really good and the girls did realize it too.
Eri & Linlin were "cosplaying" aliens during their MC, which was lol. Junjun displaying her clumsiness by falling down in the concert and Eri's kind reminder to not bump into the tram outside the concert hall ^^;
Also, after reading a fan report for the afternoon concert, its said that Sayu kissed Aichan on the cheeks again during Love & Peace. Perhaps Reina should remind Sayu she's not going to just offend one person, but TWO person by doing this repeatedly. I bet GAKIKAME are planning a scheme to break Aichan and Sayu up now :D

And as for Fukui's evening concert, what really caught my attention was Eri's voice. Not the sweet and gentle voice of her's, but a voice indicating that she's not feeling well. She sounded like she had a cold or she's having a sore throat (Even though her voice was perfectly normal during the afternoon concert). If it was a cold, I do hope that she've gotten well by now and ready for the upcoming concerts this weekend in her fellow Rokkies' hometowns.
Eri had also mentioned she had fallen in love with Fukui and requested for the permission for her to declate that her hometown is Fukui. But as expected, Gaki-san gave an immediate "No way!" before Eri could even finish her sentence

Well, overall, both the concerts were reported to be successful but I personally prefer Shiga's concert to Fukui's even though there were quite a number of happenings during Fukui's concert. The way Aika cried and breaking into her dialect again made me feel like she's really glad to be back home performing for the fans. She didn't just cry in the concert itself. Even before the concert, she was crying cos' she was too nervous. That shows how much the 2 concerts meant to her and how badly she wants to perform well for everyone there.

This week it'll be at Yamaguchi and Fukuoka. I'd love to hear some Yamaguchi-ben from Sayu if possible. Talking about Sayu, Konusapi has been changed to Wednesday and its only running for 30 minutes long now. Sigh. No idea why did they cut the duration down, all I know now was how happy Sayu was about her radio show being extended to an hour long last year.
I guess that's why people say "All good things must come to an end".
But on the bright side, at least it wasn't cancelled.

I wonder what April fools trick Gaki-san came up with this year..