The backstage TanaKame

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Listened to today's FIVE STARS Wednesday with Tanaka Reina as host. Eri was mentioned a couple of times in the radio show.

InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #82 (090422)
A sender asked if Reina had gave any advice to GAKIKAME now that they are the new hosts for FIVE STARS Monday but apparently, Reina didn't even know they had became the hosts for FIVE STARS Monday until she read this mail realising that they have took over the slot. She then rounds up the talk with a simple "Please do your best" to Gaki-san and Eri.

Another sender brought up the Pocket Morning that Reina had sent some weeks ago that was saying that Eri is bullying Reina in the backstage. (Click here for translation for the Pocket Morning Concert Diary) The sender mentioned that he sees Reina teasing Eri on stage often which surprised Reina cos' she don't remember teasing our little turtle. But of course, the bullying stuff that Reina had wrote wasn't true. Both of them were just fooling around in the dressing room like they usually do. Reina admits that she can be a pretty lame person backstage with her cold stories which Eri will tsukkomi them jokingly. Reina's aware that this side of TanaKame is something that fans don't know about.